OHEnergyRating.com Releases Annual Rankings of Best Ohio Natural Gas Suppliers 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio, September 3, 2019 (Newswire) - While many people in Ohio are focused on staying cool in the summer months, Ohio Energy Ratings is already preparing for a busy autumn and winter of natural gas shopping. Ahead of this, they have released their first ranking of the Natural Gas providers operating in Ohio. Ohio Energy Ratings has spent over a year collecting data and customer reviews in the Ohio natural gas market and is now ready to announce their findings in their inaugural list of Top Natural Gas Companies. 

Ohio Energy Ratings has chosen Frontier Utilities as their #1 Natural Gas provider in the state of Ohio. Frontier Utilities, recently purchased by NextEra Energy, is a dependable company that has received good customer reviews by offering competitive rates and steady communication with its customers. For these reasons, they landed the top spot in the rankings.

Checking in at the #2 spot in the rankings is Constellation Energy. Constellation, a division of Exelon, is an energy company providing electricity and natural gas in multiple deregulated states that entered the market with great prices and a great reputation in competitive energy. 

The #3 spot goes to Centerpoint Energy, a very familiar and reliable brand to Ohio shoppers. Centerpoint Energy has offered great rates all year long and maintained a very positive track record with Ohio customers.

It’s important to note that the margin for spots 1-3 was razor-thin between Frontier, Constellation and Centerpoint.

At #4 is Quake Energy, a newcomer to the Ohio natural gas marketplace. While Quake lacks the history or reputation of its competitors on this list, they have entered the market with a rock-bottom long-term rate and are striving to bring value to the Ohio natural gas market. The early returns from their customers have been very positive. 

Finally, rounding out the top five, is XOOM Energy. Xoom has been a steady player for natural gas in several deregulated states and has shown itself to be a great option for natural gas in Ohio. 

The Ohio energy market will always be evolving, but Ohio Energy Ratings is a consistent resource in the marketplace for evaluating the best natural gas suppliers and providers for Ohioans. That’s why this summertime release of the top natural gas providers in Ohio ahead of the fall and winter shopping season is so important. By arming consumers with useful information now, Ohio Energy Ratings helps Buckeye State customers select the best possible suppliers for their home's natural gas service.

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