Best Electricity Plan for American Electric Power

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American Electric Power is an electricity utility that serves Ohio. American Electric Power (AEP) in Ohio is a patchwork quilt of service that ranges from the north-central part of the state to the southern board. Citizens of Ohio in the AEP Utility area have electric choice, and hundreds of different cheap electricity rates from which to choose. Headquartered in Gehanna, AEP responsible for power in the following areas:

  • Lima electricity rates
  • Kenton electricity rates
  • Delaware electricity rates
  • Columbus electricity rates
  • Norwich Township electricity rates
  • Montgomery Township electricity rates
  • Upper Sandusky electricity rates


American Electric Power (AEP) provides the lines and maintains delivery, but there are a large number of a suppliers to choose from. The key for any of the different plans in any utility is to get an AEP Apples to Apples comparison of electricity plans. What that means is to compare plans on an even playing field, and not trying to compare 12 month plans with 3 month plans, and things like that.

Variable Electricity Plans

Variable rate plans can be a great way to save money, but they have some drawbacks. The biggest concern is that the rate can change at any time without any notice. The first month’s rate is usually very appealing, but it can double or triple in a single month. If you choose a variable rate, you should check your bill every month. Because of that our website generally doesn’t recommend any variable plans. They make sense for someone who is just staying someplace temporarily for a month or two, but long term they are volatile and will eventuaLLy blow up someone’s electricity bill.

6 month

In Ohio, six month plans are currently less expensive than longer term plans. The reason is because the companies aren’t able to predict the future cost of energy.

Constellation Energy offers a 6 month plan that offers a rate of 5.90¢ per KWh. And with only a $25 cancellation fee, there’s very little risk with this plan. It’s definitely one of the better plans that we like here at OH Energy Ratings if someone is just looking for a plan at a good rate for the short term.

12 month

For 12 month plans, there are plenty of options for cheap electricity rates. One plan we really like is the Live Brighter 12 plan, from Direct Energy. At 6.2 cents per kWh, it’s the cheapest 12 month plan that we offer. It’s great for customers who want to just order electricity at a low rate and not worry about anything for a year. Additionally, Constellation Energy has a great 12 month plan as well, at a pretty low rate of 6.7 cents per kWh.

Choosing the best plan for your needs

There are only a few questions that you need to answer to choose a great plan for you:

  • How long of a contract can you commit to?
  • Do you plan to change your contract at any point?

Using those answers and our guide, you should have any trouble finding the right plan for your needs. Just make sure you’re doing an Apples to Apples comparison.

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