Favorite CES 2024 Energy Saving Gadgets

Learn more about the newest generation of energy saving tech introduced at CES 2024.

A New Generation Of Home Energy Tech

New energy saving gadgets were unveiled at CES 2024 this year. Learn which ones may work best for your home.
From battery back up to AI assistants, CES 2024 debuted an array of interesting home energy saving gadgets. Check out a few that might be right for your home.

The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest annual technology showcase in the world. Highlighting tech across every field, it brings the best of the best of the industry out to play. Because consumers want to save more on their Ohio energy, we’re highlighting 4 of the coolest, wackiest home energy gadgets shown at CES 2024.

Plug And Play Energy Backup

With the crazy weather we’ve all been experiencing, having back up power in your home is almost a necessity. The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is just that. With optional solar charging, modular 6kWh battery packs, and 30 amp socket, this portable home backup is optimal for ensuring your home stays powered even during long outages. Charge it up with almost any source and get up to 30 days worth of power for your home. With the option of plugging in to the Smart Home Panel, you can power your entire home.

A Battery Powered Stove

You know the saying a watched pot never boils? What if it boiled in 40 seconds? That’s what the Impulse Cooktop promises to bring. If you’re looking to replace your old gas stove, upgrading to an induction cooktop can be a prohibitively expensive investment. In fact, you may need to ask your utility to upgrade the power lines into your home. This battery-backup induction stove changes that by storing that extra power and reducing the need for wire upgrades in existing homes. The biggest bonus? This oven will cook even when the power is out.

Do You Want A Robot Butler?

Rosie the Robot wasn’t just a thing of animated science fiction. LG’s new Smart Home AI Agent is part of the company’s new “zero labor home” future. This little Jeeves wheels around your home and helps you save electricity by turning off smart lights. It can recognize faces and also have conversations. If you’ve ever wanted your own little HelperBot to greet you at the door, this might be the smart home addition for you. It also has a built in camera so you can monitor your pets and have it act as a little roving security guard.

Energy for Your Next Camping Trip

Solar panels on your car is one thing, but what about solar panels on your tent? The Jackery Solar Generator Rooftop Tent turns the hardcase exterior of a roof mounted tent into a massive solar array. This solar panel can power a 900 watt cooker for an hour. Additionally, you can charge your laptop on the road, or charge your car battery. Power your life away from your home. 

New Tech To Energize Your Home

There are so many other cool gadgets and systems that debuted at CES this year, and we’re excited to see where they go. Some technologies are available right now, but others may take a little more time. But if you’re looking to save money on your electricity now, consider shopping around for a new electricity rate. You can find great rates all over Ohio at www.ohenergyratings.com

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