Cool Ways to Cut Your AC Use in Ohio  Part 1

Save money on your electricity bills! Check out our tips on how to Cut your AC use in Ohio this summer.

Beat The Heat With Window Treatments

Cut your AC use in Ohio and save money! Check out our cool tips that help you save money on your electricity bills.
Sunshine isn’t always the best thing to let in your home in the summer. Find out the cheap and easy way to cut your AC use in Ohio and save on your electricity bills.

Is every curtain made equal? Those cute little sheers you have adorning your home aren’t going to do much against the sun. Record temperatures are surging across the US and blowing up electric bills. How are you to beat the heat? Are drafty windows burning out your wallet? Check out these cool ways to cut your AC use in Ohio.

Why Windows Raise Your AC Use in Ohio

So, why do curtains and drapes keep your house cooler? It’s all down to a little thing called solar gain. For being such a small thing, solar gain is what turns your car into an oven, and your house into a sauna in the summer. Your home traps radiant energy from the sun. This makes the temperature rise, right alongside your electricity bill. Certain kinds of windows can keep this from happening, like double pane windows. They work by providing a barrier between the interior of your home and the sun. But, if you can’t go around replacing all your windows in your home, there is an easier way to beat the heat. Curtains can prevent sunlight from warming your home as much during the summer months. And they cost so much less!

Do The Curtains Match The Drapes?

We use the word “curtain” and “drape” interchangeably, but they’re actually different kinds of window treatments. A curtain typically are of lighter fabric and are used in conjunction with blinds. A drape, however, is lined, and often fancier. While blinds, like louvered, Venetian, Roman, are popular window treatments, they are not as effective at reducing heat gain as curtains and drapes.

How To Keep The Sun Out Of Your House

If you’re looking for the best option to lower the temperature in your home, consider heavier drapes with a white plastic backing. Studies show that this can reduce heat gains in a room by 33%. When it comes to blackout curtains, not every one is the same. Blackout curtains can reduce thermal transfer, but just hanging a black curtain isn’t going to do anything. Look for blackout curtains rated for blocking UV rays. They should also have some kind of reflective element in them to reflect heat away from your windows.

Save More on Your AC Use in Ohio

If you’re trying everything to keep your AC from sucking your paycheck dry, definitely consider adding some new curtains to keep things cooler. Make sure to close curtains during times when sunlight filters directly through them, for maximum solar gain reduction. Pair this with keeping on top of your HVAC air filters, and setting back the temperature when you’re not at home, and you could see a reduction in your electricity bill.

But if you’re looking for another way to reduce your electricity bill, check out prices in your area. You can shop for a new electricity rate any time at

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