Best Electricity Rates in Cincinnati

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The electricity company in Cincinnati is Duke Energy Ohio, part of one of the largest energy companies in the country. In spite of this, you can choose any supplier you want. A simple apples to apples comparison will make is easy to choose the right plan.

The biggest factors are:

Length of the contract
How much renewable energy you want in your plan?
How much of a cancellation fee you can tolerate?

How to get the Cheapest Electricity in Cincinnati

Below we’ll look at the best rates currently available (October 2017), but there are couple of ways to save money:

1.) Avoid variable rate plans – The rates on these plans are very attractive, but by the second month the rate will rise very quickly and you will often be paying far more than you need to.

2.)Choose a plan that you can definitely finish – Cancellation fees are common, so stay away from a plan that’s longer than you can commit to. If you need to cancel your plan, you can end up spending as much as $200 to get out of the contract. Choose wisely and this is much less likely to happen.

The Best Plans: An Apples to Apples Comparison

In the Duke Energy zone, an area that spans from Franklin to Georgetown and Blanchester to Cincinnati, there are a number of companies that offer you electricity rates.

6 month: For short term leases or month-to-month housing, you can choose Sperian Energy 6 month fixed plan at 6.6¢ per kWh. The cancellation fee is just $49, so it’s easy to get out of if you need to.

12 month: Sperian Energy offers a one year plan that has a rate of 6.0¢ per kWh. The cancellation fee is only $75. This rate is guaranteed for one year, regardless of what happens to energy rates in the meantime.

18 month: For one and half years, you can get a guaranteed rate of 6.5¢ per kWh from Direct Energy. There is a cancellation fee that’s only $99. The Live Brighter plan is one of the most popular sets of plans in Ohio with Direct Energy getting consistently great reviews.

24 month: The Connect to Comfort 24 is a 2 year plan from Direct Energy as well. It’s only 7.3¢ per kWh with a $150 cancellation fee. As there is uncertainty in the energy market, this low rate is nice to have so that you are guaranteed the same rate for 2 years. This is one of the plans that you will want to make sure that you can finish so that you don’t pay $150 for something you aren’t using.

36 month: At just 6.0¢ per kWh, Constellation’s 36 month Web Only plan is a definite savings. For 3 years, you’re guaranteed a very low rate. There is a $150 cancellation fee, so this is a commitment. Of course, if you need to break a 3 year contract, there’s likely to be a very good reason.

Green Energy: At just 7.0¢ per kWh, XOOM Energy’s Simple Clean 12 is a great way for consumers to have no impact on the environment while still being able to turn on the lights. The $100 cancellation fee isn’t too formidable, but most people can commit to 12 month plan with ease.

As of October, 2017, this are among the cheapest electricity rates in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Again, this apples to apples comparison makes it easy to see that getting a great rate only really requires that you do your research.

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