Turning on the Lights in Akron, Ohio: The Cheapest Electricity Rates

Finding the right electric rates in Akron, Ohio, starts with a understanding of what types of contracts exist and what things you should be aware of.

Here are a few things to understand:

  • No matter what happens, electricity will continue to come to your home as long as you pay your bills. Ohio Edison is the electric provider. No matter who your supplier is Ohio Edison makes sure that the power lines continuing working. Your supplier will pay Ohio Edison to take of outages, etc.
  • If you allow a contract to expire or if you don’t choose another supplier, Ohio Edison will be your supplier. At the termination of your contract, your supplier will automatically convert to Ohio Edison if you don’t choose another supplier.
    Electricity is sold by the kilowatt/hour. This is written as kWh.
  • You can sign onto a contract of any length from 6 months to 36 months. It doesn’t make sense to sign a contract that’s significantly longer than your apartment lease. If you’re a homeowner you can choose contract of any length.
  • Looking at the rates can tell you part of the story. Remember that if energy rates rise, you may end up paying more money. For example, if the 6-month rate is lower than the 12-month rate, you might end up paying a much higher rate for the second 6 months.

Finding the cheapest rate on electricity in Akron will require an “apples to apples” comparison. By being able to compare rates side by side, you’re better able to choose the right program for your needs.

The 12-month plan from Direct Energy is only 6.69¢ per kWh. Called the Live Brighter plan, the plan offers a fixed rate for an entire year. There is a cancellation fee of $99. This is the amount that you would need to pay if you choose not to keep you contract for the whole year. The same plan for 18 months is 6.8¢ per kWh, with the same cancellation fee.

For homeowner wanting to have a steady rate for a longer time, there is the Xoom Energy SureLock 36 plan. The plan has a $200 cancellation fee for cancelling the plan early. You will want to make certain that you’re going to keep the plan the whole time or you end up paying for electricity you aren’t going to use.

If you want to make sure that you are making a positive impact on the planet., XOOM Energy offers a SimpleClean 12-month plan that has a rate of 7.0¢ per kWh.  There is a $100 cancellation fee. This plan is 100% renewable energy.

Doing an apples to apples comparison is the best way to get cheap electricity. Click here to see the various plans available in the Akron Ohio Edison area.