Super Bowl Sunday’s Energy Saving TVs

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Save money on your at your Ohio Super Bowl party with an energy efficient TV!
Make the right call at your Ohio Super Bowl party with an energy efficient TV! Check out our tips on what to look for and how to save money.

Save money with energy efficient TV.

On Super Bowl Sunday, millions of TVs across America will be on for hours from pre-game, to half-time, to post-game (with a little bit of football thrown in for good measure). With an appliance like a TV that can run for many hours a day, it’s good to know how much energy it uses so you can be smart and potentially lower your high Ohio electric bill. Depending on how old your TV is, you might be surprised how much energy it uses!

How much energy does my TV use?

Comparing apples-to-apples, TVs that use older technology are less efficient and cost more money to run than TVs with newer technology. Plasma screens and CRTs (bulky tube sets) and use 2-4 times as much energy as an LED screen of the same size. Check out the chart here comparing energy usage of different technologies at various sizes.

You can use the appliance calculator to estimate the electricity your TV uses annually and see which technology performs best. The calculator estimates that an average LCD screen running 5 hours a day will use about 273.75 kWh per year. Compared to the total annual energy usage for an average Ohio home, about 10,740 kWh, and TV energy consumption is 2.5% of your electric bill.

What are the best tips to save energy with my TV?

Although TVs don’t use very much energy compared to total usage, if efficiency is your goal, you can make a few energy saving choices with your TV. Here are a few tips to lower TV energy consumption:

  1. If you have a large CRT or plasma TV that is used regularly, upgrade to a more efficient LED.
  2. Change settings like brightness on your TV to increase efficiency. Some models may have an efficiency mode you can use.
  3. Set a timer if you use TV to fall asleep so it doesn’t run for extra hours.
  4. When you’re buying a new TV, compare the wattages of models you’re considering. Select  lower wattage models to save money and energy.
  5. Look for the Energy Star rating when you’re shopping for new TVs and appliances.
  6. Entertainment appliances like your TV, sound system, and cable box use energy even when they’re turned off because they actually go into standby mode rather than fully shutting down. Save more energy and money by plugging these electronics into a surge protector you can switch off when you don’t need the appliances.

What’s the best way to save money on electricity in Ohio?

If you want to save money for Super Bowl Sunday or any time of year, your best option is to find a cheap energy price by comparing Ohio electric rates. With so many energy suppliers, shopping for a low rate might seem like a daunting task. But you don’t have to do it on your own! With Ohio Energy Ratings, you can easily compare plans, prices, and options and choose an electric supplier that’s best for you.

Shop plans on the site today, and you could already be saving money on electricity by Super Bowl Sunday!

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