PUCO Apples to Apples: What they aren't telling Ohioans

When electricity deregulated in Ohio in 1999, Ohians were given energy choice and the ability to shop for their electricity supplier. The Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) implemented the Energy Choice Ohio website to help customers try and shop for electricity. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to determining a great electricity provider than just pricing...

What's wrong with Energy Choice Ohio?

The problem with Energy Choice Ohio is that any electricity provider in the state can put their information there regardless of their reputation, customer service complaints, PUCO violations or BBB rating. There is NO CONTROL over which companies can list their products!

Are there companies who exploit Energy Choice Ohio users?

There are suppliers whose only source of customers is the PUCO Apples to Apples website. They catch your eye with a low rate, while knowing that they will jack your bill up with unfair fees and hidden charges to try to boost their profits! And if you try to talk to them, they skimp on customer service hoping you'll just hang up and pay your bill to keep the lights on.

This is bad for everyone - except for the questionable companies who rely on the PUCO web site to help them pitch their 'bait and switch' scam to unsuspecting consumers just like you.

This is where Ohio Energy Ratings comes into play.

Why is OhEnergyRatings a better comparison site that Energy Choice Ohio?

Energy Choice Ohio provides basic links and little detail about the plans they provide. Ohio Energy Ratings provides ratings, side by side comparisons, and detailed plan analysis. Plus we read the fine print.

Are the prices on Ohio Energy Choice too good to be true?

What happens after you sign up for that 3 month plan with too good to be true rate? (At the end of three months you'll "roll over" to a rate that is 3 to 6 times higher) - That's all spelled out in the fine print. You might find that fine print if you dig deep enough. Or, you can simply use our site, knowing that we've looked at the suppliers and the plans, and only suggest those that measure up to our standards of providing fair value to the consumer.

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Real Apples to Apples Comparisons: Ohio Energy Ratings

How do we do it? Ohio Energy Ratings ranks companies based on over 50 differnet ranking criteria, such as call answer times, affordability, plan complexity, social media engagement, plus we use multiple independent data sources, including: thousands of customer reviews, complaint statistics, company standings with the Better Business Bureau and third party finacial data when avaialble.

To make sure you get a great utility provider AND a great rate, we've reviewed hundreds of electricity plans and combined them with our ratings, so you can quickly compare both price and quality at the same time in the Columbus and Cleveland metro areas. Not in the big cities? No problem, we have rates for many other Ohio cities as well! 

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