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(formerly Dayton Power & Light)

The Brush Electric Light and Motor Company came to Dayton in the early 1880s to light city streets. Shortly there after it changed its name to the Dayton Electric Light Company and its success grew by powering Dayton's numerous factories. By 1900, the company's profits attracted the attention of New York investors Anthony Nicholas Brady and A. M. Young. They sent a young electrical engineer, Frank Tait, to study the company. Thereafter, Tait's evaluation persuaded Brady and Young to immediately buy the Dayton Electric Light Company.

In July, 1911, owners of the Dayton Electric Light Company and the Dayton Citizens Electric Company agreed to merge the two companies as subsidiaries under a newly founded electric streetcar company, the Hills and Dales Electric Company. The resulting new company was named Dayton Light and Power (DP&L). Later that year, Frank Tait become president of DP&L. He remained so until 1945.

In 1985, the company reorganized to become DPL and moved DP&L to become its principal subsidiary. A decade later, the advent of energy choice brought more changes to DPL. To meet state deregulation laws, DPL divested its natural gas operations to Vectren in 2000. Though free to focus on electricity generation and sales, DPL looked for a way to expand sales growth. In 2011, AES Corp. agreed to buy DPL for $4.7 billion.

In February, 2021, after 110 years as Dayton Power & Light, the utility officially renamed itself AES Ohio.

AES Ohio services about 1.25 million people in west-central Ohio. Because its such an integral part of the greater Dayton community, AES Ohio gives back through its foundation with power grants, funding that supports economic development and cultural programs, and community investments. Since 1985, the DP&L Foundation has given over $38 million in grants to Dayton and western Ohio.

AES Ohio Service Territory

Shop AES Ohio Cheap Electric Rates

AES Ohio delivers electricity to more than 525,000 customer accounts in west-central Ohio. It servies some or all of these Ohio counties:

Auglaize Darke Logan Preble
Brown Delaware Madison Ross
Butler Fayette Mercer Shelby
Champaign Greene Miami Union
Clark Hardin Montgomery Van Wert
Clinton Highland Pickaway Warren

AES Ohio serves these cities:

Dayton Germantown Greenville Miamisburg Willmington

Shop for AES Ohio Electricity Suppliers In Your Area.

Compare AES Ohio Electricity Rates

Compare alternative supplier electricity rates
in the AES Ohio service area.

  1. Enter zip code.
  2. Select "electricity".
  3. Choose "residential" or "business".
  4. Click "Shop for Rates".

In Ohio, electricity utility service territories often overlap. If the tool reports that it has found more than one serving your zip code, don't worry! Just choose your local utility from those listed.

You'll then get to see the listing of all the energy suppliers' plans available in your area, along with rates, term lengths, and links to more detail information.

How to Start New AES Ohio Service

The first step to starting AES Ohio electricity service is to call their customer service center at 800-433-8500 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm). Do this at least three business days before you need electricity service to start. You cannot start service online because AES Ohio prefers to verify your identity over the telephone.

Documents -- you'll need the following information when you call AES Ohio to start service:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address where electricity service is needed
  • Phone number
  • Driver's license number, passport, or other form of valid identification
  • Social Security number (which is needed to check your credit history)

Again, AES Ohio needs three business days to process your service request.

Will I Need to Pay a Deposit?

Credit Rating -- Because you receive electricity service before you pay for it, AES Ohio extends you credit. Just like when you apply for a loan or a credit card, AES Ohio uses your credit history to determine your credit worthiness.

TIP -- Be sure to unfreeze your credit. If you have frozen your credit with any of the major credit agencies, you will need to have it temporarily unfrozen before you submit a new service request.

Pay a Deposit -- AES Ohio checks your credit to determine whether you will be required to pay a security deposit. However, you can establish credit worthiness through one of these methods:

  1. You are the property owner or meets the legally-accepted practices to verify credit.
  2. You had a prior account with AES Ohio for the same class of service within the past two years. Also, during the prior year of service, you did not have a late bill more than twice and did not have service disconnected for nonpayment, fraud or tampering.
  3. You have a guarantor who is a customer with AES Ohio and can pay your bills within 60 days if you fail to do so.

AES Ohio may also waive your security deposit requirement if another utility company sends a letter of credit on your behalf.

Ohio utilities are limited in the amount they can charge for a deposit. Customer deposits can be no more than the estimated average 30-day bill plus 30%. If you make payments on time for one year your security deposit will be credited to your account with interest earned.

Understand AES Ohio Delivery and Supply Charges

In Ohio, residential customers pay for both the cost to deliver their electricity as well as for the amount of electricity supply that they use.

  • Delivery Charges are fixed rate charges (tariffs) representing the cost of transmitting electricity to your home via AES Ohio's powers. The charges cover the AES Ohio local infrastructure operating costs, maintenance, and ensure them a profit. Other usage-based charges are small costs from riders to fund projects, cover fees, etc. AES Ohio's delivery charges must be approved by Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). All AES Ohio customers pay the same set Delivery rates no matter who supplies their energy.

  • Supply Charges represent the price for the amount of electricity that you use. AES Ohio customers can choose the "Price to Compare" (PTC) for their electricity supply. However, because of Ohio's Energy Choice program, customers are free to also choose energy from competitive retail electricity suppliers.

  • Understand AES Ohio PTC Charges

    PUCO requires AES Ohio to provide electricity supply at a default rate to its customers who don't shop for a retail supplier. AES Ohio's PTC supply rate represents the generation supply costs that are passed without mark up directly through the utility onto their customers. Consequently, the PTC default rate is overseen by PUCO.

    Price to Compare (PTC)

    The PTC default rate not only includes the price to generate the electricity but also the cost to transmit it from power stations over high tension power lines to AES Ohio's local electrical switch yards. From there, the electricity is distributed throughout the AES Ohio local electrical grid for delivery to homes.

    Each utilitly's PTC rates are determined during periodic auctions for set periods of the year. Consequently, PTC rates will only last for a few months. That means these electricity rates can vary seasonally; low some months, higher the next.

    AES Ohio Current PTC Residential Rate: 10.807 cents per kWh, expires 8/31/2024

    NOTE: Some Ohio municipal utilities purchase energy for their local residents. Usually residents need to pay an opt-out fee if they don't want their electricity service to be aggregated. Check with your local government to learn how you might be effected.

    How Much Do AES Ohio PTC Charges Cost?

    The AES Ohio PTC rate is a weighted average rate so higher usage results in a lower PTC. That makes it important for consumers to know and understand how much they are paying for their electricity in any one month.

    How much is the AES Ohio PTC rate?

    PUCO estimates that the average Ohio residence uses an average of 750 kWh each month. Therefore, an average PTC bill roughly breaks down like this:

    Rate per 750 kWh Used Monthly Customer Charge Total
    PTC Supply Rate 10.807 cents 0 $81.05
    Monthly Distribution Charges (excluding riders) $0.0233154 per kWh $7.00 $24.49
    Total Bill $105.54

    Understand Ohio Energy Choice

    Ohio electric consumers are free to choose their own competitive retail electricity supplier. These alternative suppliers shop deals with different producers on the wholesale market to offer competitive rates. As such, their rates are not controlled by PUCO the same way that utilities are. This way, retail suppliers are able to offer competitively priced fixed rate plans for a variety of term lengths.

    Though it can seem confusing, shopping electricity plans is an easy process. The trick is finding the one that meets your needs. That's why retail energy suppliers in Ohio offer two types of plans:

  • Fixed Rates have their price rate set for the same price over the term of the contract. Customers can count on stable energy rates on plans lasting from 6 to 36 months. However, many fixed rate plans come with early cancellation fees for breaking a contract early.

  • Variable Rates Want to avoid getting tied to an electricity plan for months or years? Then choose a variable plan. Variable plan rates on these contracts can change from month to month depending on the price of the electricity supply. But while there's no contract, there's nothing to prevent your rate from going up one month or down the next. However, these plans don't have any termination fees and this allows customers the flexibility to shop for new rates and switch to better deals without paying any penalty.

  • Understand Your Energy Usage and Your AES Ohio Bill

    Your AES Ohio usage affects your energy bills.

    While your energy usage habits are unique to you, any Ohio native will tell you that winters can be bitterly cold and summers can be torridly hot. In the east north central region of the U.S., up to 55% of an average home's energy usage goes to space heating.

    Average Annual Usage Breakdown

  • Though nearly one-fourth (24.3%) of Ohio homes use electricity for space heating, natural gas warms 65% of homes in the state.
  • Ohio residents use an average of 6% to 12% of their total annual energy costs for air conditioning.
  • The remainder of energy use goes to water heating, refrigeration, lighting, electronics, clothes dryers, cooking, and small appliances.

  • Want to learn more about your home energy usage? AES Ohio customers can request up to 24 months of their electric usage plus other relevant information free of charge.

    The best way to cut your electricity bill is to reduce your usage:

  • Seal your doors and windows against winter and summer drafts. Not only does it keep out the cold or hot air but it also reduces the amount of mold, pollen, and other allergens getting into your home.
  • Add insulation to your attic, basement, and duct work.
  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat. Programming it to set-back the temperature when you're away or inactive can improve your home's energy efficiency and help cut your electric bills.

  • Your utility company can provide a wealth of resources and offers programs to help you improve your home's energy performance.

    Understand Your AES Ohio Bill

    Your AES Ohio bill contains many details that can be confusing to customers. But there's lots of useful information to help you better understand your usage and rate. Below, we break down the most important items on a sample AES Ohio Electric bill.

    AES Ohio Sample Bill

    Understand Your AES Ohio Bill

    Understand Page 2 of Your AES Ohio Bill

    • A: The section shows your 11-digit account number, the bill due date, and the amount due.

    • B: This shows the customer name and mailing address.

    • C: Here you can seen the monthly account summary showing the statement's mailing date, the previous balance and payments made, any balance still pending, and this month's delivery and supply billed amounts.

    • D: This section shows the service address for this bill.

    • E: Here you'll find the date of the next meter reading.

    • F: A break down of your usage history which shows a comparison of your electricity usage for the year to date. You can also see the total usage in kWh for the year and the average monthly usage.

    • G: This section breaks down average daily usage amount during the billing periods and average ouside temparature.

    • H: This section displays meter read details, including the billing period, the previous meter reading, and the current meter reading on the date the meter was read.

    • I: The is section show the metered usage amount, and the rate description-type.

    • J: Here, customers can easily phone numbers and other resources for reporting emergencies, making on-line payments, and how to reach AES Ohio customer service.

    • K: This is the detatchable mail-in payment stub. It displays important account payment information such as your 11-digit account number, the due date of the bill, the amount due, the address for the service, and where to mail your payment.

    • L: Page two of your bills provides room for important messages from AES Ohio as well as infomration on the current Price to Compare, a breakdown of your AES Ohio Delivery charges, and details about your electricity supply charges

    • M: This section discloses the costs of renewable energy programs that AES Ohio participated in. However, these programs ended in September, 2020.

    AES Ohio Coupons, Energy Promotions, Discounts, Rebates and Promo Codes

    As your local electric utility, AES Ohio offers several rebate and energy efficiency programs to help customers save money off their monthly bill by upgrading their home's energy performance. Some programs also offer money-saving incentives while others could make paying your monthly bills much easier during those expensive winter months.

    Program Name Program Type Benefit
    Payment Extension Program Bill payment assistance

    One-time payment extension gives you a little more time to make your bill payment. Call AES Ohio Customer Service or log in to your AES Ohio account to apply.

    Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) Residential Energy Efficiency Ohio Development Services Agency program for eligible homeowners and renters whose income does not exceed 200% of the poverty guidelines of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may receive energy efficiency improvements to their homes at NO COST:
  • Energy audit to determine improvements.
  • Upgrading insulation.
  • Installing a new natural gas furnace.

  • PUCO Winter Reconnect Order Bill payment assistance

    Starting October 5, if your service has been shut off for non-payment or you have a shutoff notice, you can maintain or restore service for just $175 plus a reconnection fee - no matter how much you owe. Call AES Ohio Customer Service.

    Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Bill payment assistance

    Federal grant to help pay your winter heating bills.To qualify for HEAP, your annual household income cannot exceed 175% of the poverty guidelines.

    Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) Bill payment assistance

    Helps eligible Ohioans manage their energy bills year- round. Payments are based on a percentage of household income and are consistent year-round. To qualify your annual household income cannot exceed 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.

    Gift of Power Program Bill payment assistance

    Funded by a AES Ohio corporate grant, along with customer and community donations, to assist families and neighbors in staying warm. Every dollar given is administered by The Salvation Army.

  • Open to all AES Ohio customers who are notified they will receive or have received a disconnection notice.
  • Contact the Salvation Army at 937-528-5120
  • AES Ohio Payment Plan Bill payment assistance

    AES Ohio offers residential customers 3 types of payment plans:

  • The 1/9 Pay Agreement: Pay a past due balance that is divided evenly over 9 month period, while continuing to pay new charges.
  • The The 1/6 Pay Agreement: Pay a past due balance that is divided evenly over 6 month period, while continuing to pay new charges.
  • Winter Heating Plan: From November 1 through April 15 customers can avoid disconnection by paying 1/3 of their AES Ohio balance due each month. Upon completion of the Winter Heating Plan customers begin a payment plan to pay off their remaining balance.
  • Apply by contacting AES Ohio Customer Service or by logging into your account.

  • AES Ohio Reviews

    Since AES Ohio serves mid-sized midwest market segment, Ohio residential customers can get a better picture of how good a job it does by comparing it to to other medium-scale utilities. AES Ohio is accredited with the BBB and was well-rated in J.D. Power's 2021 utility residential customer satisfaction study. The utility also rated well in Escalent's 2021 Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential study.

    OH Energy Ratings Score Better Business Bureau J.D. Power 2021 Electricity Utility Study Escalent 2021 Utility Study
    N/A Not Accredited 742
    of 1000 pts
    of 1000 pts

    How do I Get the Cheapest AES Ohio Rate?

    Shopping for a new AES Ohio Choice Plan can seem bewildering at first. Once you understand how it works, though, it's an easy and straightforward process. That said, you should have these three things with you when you shop for electricity.

    1. Your current bill. Your past usage per billing period can help you estimate a how much a plan might cost you each month.
    2. The current AES Ohio PTC and expiration date. Knowing the current AES Ohio supply price lets you compare rates offered by retail energy suppliers. This way, you can get a better feel for what suppliers are offering, for how long, and if any of their incentives make their price work for your family's need.
    3. Your AES Ohio of Ohio customer account number. This 11 digit number is located on your bill. Having it handy lets you sign up with a retail supplier right away.

    AES Ohio Shopping Questions

    Savvy electricity customers know that by asking the right questions they'll learn exactly what they need to save money or how to avoid making a bad choice. When you shop for electricity service in Ohio, always be sure to ask these important questions:

    • Is the rate competitive with the current AES Ohio supply rate?
    • Is the rate variable or is it fixed?
    • How long does the plan last?
    • What happens when the contract expires?
    • Does the plan have any recurring monthly charges?
    • Does the plan come with an early cancellation fee?
    • Does the supplier offer any customer incentives or rewards?
    • AES Ohio

    Other Common Ohio Electricity Questions:

    Who bills me? AES Ohio sends a single bill that outlines and adds up your monthly charges.

    What are the Terms of Service? Energy Choice Plans have Terms of Service that explain and identify specific charges and any fees a customer will face when they sign up for an electricity plan. Not all suppliers have the same terms. That's why all Ohio energy choice customers should read and understand the terms of service and contract summary for any plan they are interested in before they sign on to the plan.

    What are early termination fees? Switching retail suppliers before a contract ends can involve paying early termination fees. These can take a chomp out of your checking account you if you want to switch retail providers before your plan contract ends.

    Where can I find more information on my usage? AES Ohio customers can request up to 24 months of their energy usage plus other relevant information free of charge.

    Read AES Ohio Customer Reviews

    Compare Electricity in Your Area

    Electricity Service Out? Contact AES Ohio!

    Having problems or interruptions with your AES Ohio electricity? Here's the proper people to call:

    • Billing problems? - First thing to do is contact AES Ohio. If you have trouble paying your monthly bill call AES Ohio's Customer Service: 1-800-433-8500
    • Need extra time to pay your energy bill? Customers can request an extension by calling Customer Service or by applying on-line.

    Emergencies and Outages

    All power transmission lines are extremely dangerous! Never attempt to move a downed power line by yourself. Call 911 and then notifiy AES Ohio.

    • Report safety hazards involving power lines immediately to AES Ohio at 877-4OUTAGE (877-468-8243).
    • You can also report downed lines or outages at AES Ohio's website
    • Check AES Ohio's current electric outages as they are being repaired.

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