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What is Ohio Energy Choice?

Ohio's electricity customers are free to choose to a state certified retail electricity supplier. There are many different providers in the Toledo Edison service area, offering a huge variety of plans at competitive rates.

Ohio retail electricity supplier rates are not controlled by PUCO. Rather retail suppliers compete with each on the wholesale electricity markets to offer the lowest prices to customers. That way, residents can compare and shop to find the best deal that best suits for their needs.

Toledo Edison Service Territory

Toledo Edison Service Map
Toledo Edison Service

Cities Served By Toledo Edison

How To Switch Toledo Edison Suppliers and Save

Switching Energy Suppliers is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Enter your zip code and compare offers available for your zip code
  • Pick a plan that meets your needs. We always recommend Fixed Rate Electricity plans ranging from 6-24 months.
  • Enter your home and billing information. You will need to know your Toledo Edison Customer Number located on your Toledo Edison bill. (You can place an order without this and we will send you text and email reminders)
  • Your new provider will handle the switch request with your current provider and Toledo Edison
  • There is no interruption of service
  • The switch will occur at your next meter read date

Shop and Compare Electricity Provider Plans

When you’re ready to start shopping, you should know what kind of plan you’re looking for and how long you want your new plan to last. Are you looking for a month-to-month variable rate or a fixed rate?

  • Variable rate plans are great if you use them as temporary, no-contract fixes between fixed rate plans. But their rates change each month and can spike.
  • Fixed rate plans keep the same rate for the length of the contract, which can run from 3 months to 3 years. That can shield you from price spikes but if market rates fall, you could be stuck paying higher rates.

Next, compare the lowest Toledo Edison electricity rates so you can shop the best deals around Toledo. Pick out a few plans and compare them to find the perfect one for you. Be sure to read the terms of service before you settle on one. Look out for things that may affect your rights and obligations as a customer. These include grace periods, early termination fees, late charges, and what happens when the plan ends.

How to Start, Stop or Transfer Toledo Edison Electricity Service

Moving to the Toledo Edison service area? You will need to set up service first at the First Energy web site;

  • Personal Information: You will need your name, phone number, email address, and your Social Security Number. These will be required.
  • Service Address: The address where you want electricity service turned on
  • Credit You may have to pay a security deposit, based on your credit score

Will I Need to Pay a Deposit?

Toledo Edison will check your credit worthiness before setting up an account and to determine whether you will need to pay a deposit. To qualify, you'll need to provide the utility one of the following:

  • Have a prior account within the last two years with no more than two late payments or with no previous service disconnected within the last twelve months.
  • Be a credit-worthy property owner. It helps to know your credit score ahead of time.
  • Have a guarantor who is a customer with the utility company and can pay your bills within 60 days if you fail to do so

Toledo Edison deposits can be no more the customer's estimated average 30-day bill plus 30%.

Compare Toledo Edison Business Electricity Rates

You have the power to choose your Commercial and Small Business Electricity Rates. Our commercial electricity marketplace is exclusively for business electricity customers looking to start commercial service or compare their existing commercial electricity rates.

Toledo Energy business electricity rates are some of the lowest in the US and are 20-30% less than residential rates. So, if you're starting a business or just want to compare Toledo Edison commercial electricity rates and shop the market for a better rate, you could save thousands each year by shopping for a lower rate.

Shop for Toledo Edison Commercial Electricity Rates

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How to Read Your Toledo Edison Bill

Understand Your Toledo Edison Bill

  • A, B, & C: Bill Overview. It includes your address and personal account number with Toledo Edison, the billing period, the amount due, and the date that the bill is due.

  • D & E: Messages and current PTC rate. Here you find important notifications from Toledo Edison as well as current Price to Compare rate offered by Toledo Edison.

  • F: Account Summary shows the amounts of any unpaid balances, current Toledo Edison distribution charges, current supply charges, the total bill and the due date.

  • G: Meter Summary: This shows the usage information measured by the electric meter at your address.

  • H: Charges from Toledo Edison include the type of rate you are being charged, the monthly customer charge, the distribution charges, and the total.

  • I: Charges from Electric Generation Supplier show the name and address of your electricity supplier, their base rate charged, and the total supplier charges due.

  • J: Account Balances by Company lays out the amounts that have been paid or are owed to Toledo Edison and your supplier.

  • K: Shows your usage history per bill over the course of the past year to help you compare your energy use over time and understand trends.

  • L: Payment Stub. Just detach and return with your payment. It also includes your account number, amount paid, amount due, and the due date.

Toledo Edison Bill Charges Explained

Your electric bill is composed of the Electricity Supply Charges and the Distribution Charges.

  • Electricity Supply Charges: This is the cost (in cents per kWh) for the electricity supplied in kWh by Toledo Edison or a retail supplier. Energy Choice charges from "alternative" or retail suppliers are listed under "Charges from Electric Generation Supplier".

  • Distribution Charges: This charge consists of a flat customer charge per account and a distribution charge in cents per kWh for delivering electricity across Toledo Edison's local grid to a customer's home. All Toledo Edison's customers pay the same rate no matter who supplies their electricity. PUCO regulates Toledo Edison's distribution charges and these rates usually last several years before being reviewed by PUCO. Different Ohio utilities have different rates but basically they consist of a customer charge and a usage-rate charge.

Example Toledo Edison Bill With Supplier Charges

Assuming the average Ohio monthly usage rate of 750 kWh, an average Toledo Edison PTC bill roughly breaks down like this:

Rate per 750 kWh Used Monthly Customer Charge Total
Example Supplier - Supply Rate 8.010 cents 0 $60.08
Toledo Edison Monthly Distribution Charges $0.035595 $4.00 $30.69
Total Bill $90.77

How to Pay Your Toledo Edison Bill

You can pay your Toledo Edison bill Online at

Payment options include*

  • One-time bank draft
  • Debit/credit cards*
  • PayPal*
  • Apple Pay*
  • Google Pay*
  • Venmo*

*Service Fees Apply

Electricity Out? Wires Down? Here's who you contact

Having a problem with your Toledo Edison Electricity? Here's the proper people to call:

  • Pay Your Bill? - You want to contact Toledo Edison. If you have trouble paying your monthly bill call Toledo Edison's Customer Service: 1-800-447-3333
  • Outage or Power Issue? You have 3 options to report outages or downed power lines in your area:
    1. Call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)
    2. Text OUT to 544487 (LIGHTS)
    3. Report an outage on-line
    4. Track Toledo Edison Outage Repairs

    Compare Toledo Edison Electricity Rates

    Compare Toledo Edison Electricity Providers

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    866 682 9816
    Frontier Utilities
    Energy Harbor
    Tomorrow Energy
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    Santanna Energy Services
    XOOM Energy
    Symmetry Energy Solutions
    Direct Energy
    Provision Power & Gas
    Mercury Energy
    Public Power
    NRG Home
    Major Energy
    Vista Energy
    SFE Energy
    Spark Energy
    National Gas & Electric
    Sunwave Gas & Power
    Kiwi Energy
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