Simple Hacks To Cut Your Dayton Electric Bill

Our simple energy hacks can help lower your monthly electric bills!

Use These Seven Hacks To Keep Your Payments Low

Read our hacks to cut your electric bill! Learn some easy steps to reduce your monthly bill in Dayton, OH.
Don’t let winter prices wallop you with high bills. Use these simple 7 hacks to cut your winter-time electric bill in Dayton, OH.

Are you being hit by a blizzard of electricity bills? Natural gas is the largest fuel for electricity generation in Ohio, and natural gas prices rose 27% compared to last winter. Don’t let winter prices wallop you with high bills. Try these simple hacks to cut your Dayton electric bill.

Change Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter can lead to some serious hiccups with your heating. A clogged filter can cause your heating to ‘short cycle’. This means that the thermometer of your heater can register too high, while you still feel cold. This causes you to raise your heat further. The EIA estimates that clogged filters can cause central HVAC systems to consume 5%-15% more energy.

Swap To LED Bulbs

On average, LED light bulbs use up to 75% less electricity than other light bulbs. A simple switch can save you electricity each month. And over the long term, you’ll buy fewer replacement bulbs.

Hack Your Thermostat To Your Advantage

Using a programmable thermostat can help by lowering the temperature in your house while you’re gone for the day. Save on energy by not having to heat your home as warm as you’d like it when you’re not there to enjoy it!

Layers Are Your Friend

Don’t be afraid of the cold! Dressing in layers keeps you toasty warm while keeping your bills low. So, bust out the slippers, sweaters, and snuggly comforters!

Try Out Some New Window Treatments

An easy hack to cut down on heat loss is to invest in some new window treatments. Thermal curtains can prevent heat loss, while draft stoppers can prevent cold from seeping in through the bases of your windows. As a result, stopping drafts can save up to 30% on your electricity costs.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Late fees, shut down fees, and reconnection fees can put a world of hurt on your bills. On average, Ohio reconnection fees can range anywhere from 15-52% of your bill. Additionally, AES Ohio charges you 1.5% of your bill for late payment.

Switch Your Electricity Provider

Switching can be a great way to save on your electricity. If you’re currently on a variable rate plan, consider swapping to a fixed rate to better predict your monthly bills. With this in mind, you can find great rates all over Ohio with a simple search.

Take Control Of Your Electric Bill Today

Don’t let high bills leave you out in the cold. There are so many great ways to keep your electricity working for you, and so many more energy-saving simple hacks to try. For tons of plans, prices, and news, check out more at 

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