10 Quick Energy Saving Tips

While shopping around for the best Ohio electricity prices is a great way to save money on your electricity bills, there are also steps we can all take to help reduce how much electricity we use.  And because the Ohio electricity rates are based on consumption, the less you use, the less you spend.  Here are ten top tips to help save energy and money

In the summer

  1. Change air conditioning filters

Air conditioning can be a must-have part of the summer but in order to get it working at its peak efficiency, it is important to clean or change the filters every month.  Also, think about where you locate the unit if you have a portable style ??" keep it away from sources of heat such as the TV as this might cause it to think it is warmer than it is and make it work harder.

  1. Use a portable fan

Portable fans can sometimes be an excellent alternative to a big air conditioning unit and can be placed where you are.  Have them aimed at your face or feet and turn them off when you aren’t in the room to avoid wasting electricity.

  1. Use blinds cleverly

Blinds or curtains at windows can be used for different benefits at different times of the day.  For example, open windows and blinds at night to let cooler air in but close blinds during the way to reduce the glare from the sun.  You can even try blackout linings or blinds for an extra level of heat reduction.

  1. Use equipment at cool times

Dishwashers and washing machines create heat so why not use them later in the afternoon or evening?  That way you don’t heat the room and need to use a fan or air con.

  1. Sit downstairs

When it is warm, the lower areas of your house will be the coolest.  So sit in the lower areas such as downstairs when it is warmest rather than sitting in bedrooms to watch TV.

  1. Be clever with the oven

Ovens make the house warmer so consider not using them during the hottest part of the day.  Instead use a microwave, cook outside on the grill or even opt for a salad.  Then you don’t need to cool the house down to compensate.

In the winter

  1. Switch out lights

It can be easy to forget but by switching out lights in rooms that are unoccupied, you are saving electricity.  Look to switch to LED lights for the best energy efficiency as they use 90% less power.  And if you are a tech fan, consider smart lighting that can be set from a smartphone.

  1. Check for gaps

A big waste of electricity in winter is when heat escapes through gaps in windows and doors.  So make sure these are all well sealed and help keep the heat inside the property.

General tips

  1. Use your thermostat wisely

Altering the thermostat based on who is home can save 1-3% on your electricity bills.  S don’t heat an empty house in winter or cool one in summer.  Have it set to start heating or cooling just before you are due to come home.

  1. Clear air vents

Air vents are crucial for good ventilation of the home but they can easily be forgotten and blocked by furniture, curtains or pictures.  You can use vent deflectors to direct air around furniture and items but make sure you keep them in good condition