Find the Cheapest Natural Gas Rates for Hamilton OH 45011

We have made it very easy to compare Hamilton natural gas rates so you can get the right plan for your needs.

Popular Plans Around 45011

Name Term Price
24 Month Fixed Rate 24 0.0¢
SureLock 24 24 0.0¢
Affordable Clean Gas 24 24 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 12 12 0.0¢
12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan 12 0.0¢
SureLock 12 12 0.0¢
Affordable Clean Gas 12 12 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 24 24 0.0¢
Monthly Plan 1 0.0¢
Annual Clean Energy Plan 12 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed Rate 12 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 36 36 0.0¢
36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan 36 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-6 6 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-12 12 0.0¢
Secure Choice 12 12 0.0¢
RescueLock 12 12 0.0¢
Live Brighter 18 18 0.0¢
Residential Clean Gas Plan 1 0.0¢
These rates may have changed since publishing
Rates as of June 18th, 2024

What customers are saying in Hamilton

Overall Rating
Why I chose Constellation
I chose constellation for two special reasons . 1 a 36 month contract . 2 price .
  • Dennis Anderson
  • Middletown, OH
  • May 5th, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions in Hamilton

What are the cheapest 12 month energy plans in my area 45011?

The most affordable gas plans in 45011 are

What plans does Santanna Energy Services have in my area?

In your area, Santanna Energy Services offers the following gas plans: The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate gas plan in your area is around $6.701/MCF, ranging from $5.55/MCF to $11.99/MCF.

Are there any green gas plans in my area?

There are no green plans in zipcode 45011 at this time.

Local Electricity, and Natural Gas information for 45011

Ohio Zip Stats for 45011

Covering approximately 60.63 square miles and containing a population of 69677 people, 45011 is Ohio 1st most populated zipcode.

Area codes in 45011 include 513/283.

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Don’t Miss These Cheap Electricity Plans In Dayton

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Shop cheap electricity plans in Dayton that can help you save money! Find energy deals that fit your lifestyle and beat the PTC.
Don’t miss these cheap electricity plans that beat the Price to Compare in Dayton! Shop now and lower your electric bills!

Get a Super Affordable Plan For Your Home

Electricity shopping can be a drag. Where do you start? Summer temperatures are here, and those all can drive your electric bill higher than the thermometer outside. With AES’s price to compare at 4.80 cents per kWh, you might want to look for a better deal until temperatures slack off. Don’t miss these cheap electricity plans in Dayton!

The Lowest Rate On The Dayton Electricity Market

Are your monthly payments just not lining up happily? Of all the cheap electricity plans, we’ve got the perfect plan for you. Public Power’s Electric 13 Month Standard Fixed Rate offers all the benefits of the shorter 6-month term, but for 13 months. At just 4.59 cents per kWh, this plan is great for that weird “doesn’t quite fit”  need in your life. And, if you need to end it early, there’s that no termination fee to give you the flexibility you need. There is one catch though! This rate comes with a $9.99 monthly fee.

Long-Term Power At A Low Price

Our next plan is another one from Public Power. Their Electric 18 Month Fixed Rate plan is priced at 4.69 cents per kWh, with a $9.99 monthly fee. This plan is great if you started with a 6-month plan to test the waters and shop around, so you can finish out the year and the next with a great low price. At the end of your term, your contract will continue on a month-to-month basis at a variable rate. Be sure to shop around before that happens to avoid getting a surprising bill!

Fast & Cheap Electricity

Looking for a plan to hold you over while you shop around? Check out NRG’s Electric Choice Plan 3 Month great rate! At just 4.70 cents per kWh, this rate also comes with no early termination fee. This rate is only guaranteed for the first 3 months of your contract with NRG, and after that, it continues as a variable rate on a month-to-month basis. Make sure you put your contract end date on your calendar so you don't get hit with a surprise rate increase!

Shop Cheap Electricity Plans

Don’t let shopping for a new electricity plan be another chore! There are tons of plans to check out in Hamilton. While you’re looking to save, be sure to check out more ways to save on your electricity. And as always, for more tips, tricks, news, and more, check out