What to Do If Your Ohio Energy Supplier Goes Bust

It doesn't happen often but an retail energy provider can can decide to stop doing business in Ohio. Find out how that affects customers and what to expect.

Stress Less When Your Energy Supplier Leaves

If your energy supplier suddenly leaves Ohio, do you know what happens? We do and we'll show why there's no need to worry.
Learn what you can expect if your energy supplier leaves business in Ohio. Your service won’t be interrupted but you’ll need to start shopping!

Endless shrimp isn’t the only thing putting companies under this year. Creditors can also come for energy retail providers. To be sure, electric suppliers in Ohio don’t always go bust. But when it happens, it can confuse and frighten customers. After, who’s going to keep their lights on? Don’t panic though! If by odd chance your energy supplier goes belly up, you’re not out of options. We’re going to be covering exactly what you need to do.

Return of the Standard Service Offer

When an electricity provider decides to stop doing business in Ohio, it is required to notify PUCO that it can no longer serve its customers. Which means you’re out of a contract. This doesn’t mean you’re out of power though. In the event that your provider leaves, then your service will be returned to the standard service offer from your local utility. They will be serving as the “provider of last resort” or POLR so that your electricity service will not be interrupted. They will notify you in writing when your service is being provided through its standard service offer. At that time, you can sign up with a new retail service provider.

How This Affects Your Ohio Energy Choice

This is where you’re in luck. This doesn’t affect your ability to choose your electric supplier. Is it inconvenient? Sure, but with some planning you can avoid the standard service offer and get the best deal you can. Swapping your home back to the SSO takes time, so once you hear your energy supplier is going under, start looking into new plans. You can find plans across Ohio for a variety of term lengths. The big take away is that you’re not going to get your power shut off, or have no warning. Just stay on top of things and you’ll be able to navigate this easily.

Finding Your Next Energy Supplier

Now that we’re not panicking, it’s time to pick your next energy supplier. Thankfully Ohio Energy Ratings makes that super easy. Interested in green energy? You can find plans that use only RECs or purchase from renewable resources. Looking for the best price? You can find the lowest rates across the state in your area. You can also find out more about Ohio energy choice, and what your options are. Take some time and find your next energy plan today at www.ohenergyratings.com 

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