Summer Cooling Degrees Equal Dollars

Summer's heat and humidity are coming! Learn how you can tame that old AC monster in your yard and save on your Ohio electricity bills.

Cooling to Keep Your Electricity Bills Low

Cooling costs will probably be high this summer! Learn what you can do to cut your AC use but still stay comfortable.
Summer heat is already stalking into Ohio. Learn how to tame those ferocious cooling costs without paying sky high electricity bills.

Summer is in early swing as hot temperatures blow northwards from Texas. With record heat already on the way, summer cooling is probably going to cost Ohio energy consumers more on their monthly bills. In fact, you may already be feeling your wallet overheating. So, to help we’re going to cover a few ways electricity customers can keep cool without breaking the bank.

Temperatures Will Rise – So Should Yours

The easiest way to save money on your air conditioning is to use it less. And that involves turning your thermostat up a little bit. Even one or two degrees can keep your air conditioning from working around the clock. You can lower the temperature back down during the night when temperatures are cooler outside. By running your AC less, you’ll use less electricity. Additionally, make sure all vents, filters, and condensers are clean, free from debris, and not blocked. This will improve the circulation in your home, leading to a much more efficient system.

Block Out The Sun

An eclipse isn’t the only thing that can block out the sun. Drapes and blinds are great ways to keep the sun out of your home. By blocking the sun, you can prevent additional heat transfer into your home. And by keeping that extra heat out your home, you can decrease the amount of time your air conditioning needs to run, saving you money.

Seal Your Windows And Doors Aids Cooling

Adding weather stripping and sealants to your doors and windows can keep out the humid, warm air from leaking into your home. Older homes are especially prone to aging windows and door seals which no longer work as effectively. Weather stripping is easy to install yourself. Plus it can increase your savings and comfort.

Save on cooling your Ohio home this summer with these great energy-efficiency tips.
Use these tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency to save more money on your AC cooling bills.

Save Money With A New Electricity Rate

The shoulder months are almost over. That means we’re in the last few weeks where you can take advantage of low electricity rates. Saving money on your electricity rate is the easiest way to save money this summer. It’s easy to shop for rates across Ohio. Simply check out the best rated electricity providers, compare rates, and make the switch on your time. Many PTC rates in Ohio change on June 1st, so take advantage now of a low cost electricity rate.

Save Dollars With Cheaper Cooling This Summer

Staying comfortable shouldn’t break the bank. There are tons of other tips out there that can save you money during the summer months. Additionally, be sure to check out other ways you can save on your electricity bills. You can find resources, plans, and more at 

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