Who Has The Best 12 Month Rate In Columbus?

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Why buy your Columbus electricity plan one apple-to-apple nibble at a time?
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How do you compare Columbus electricity companies?

When you’re on the hunt for savings on your electric bill, it’s in your best interest to compare apples to apples. Start by simplifying your options with a convenient filter, like 12-month term length, and you’ll find the best electric rate in Columbus more easily.

Live Brighter with Direct Energy

In the category of 12-month fixed rate plans, Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 beats its nearest competitors in price by more than 9%. Currently offering a rate of 5.8¢/kWh, the savings at that low electric rate can really add up for Columbus residents!

But the benefits of choosing Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 don’t stop with the cheapest electric rate in Columbus. Lock in your low electric rate and you’ll also enjoy these perks:

  • No rate hikes during your 12-month term.
  • Highly rated customer service.
  • Active social media accounts for easy access and communication.

Considerations beyond low electric rates and perks.

The Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 plan doesn’t fall short in many categories, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you find a better rate in Columbus after a few months and want to switch, Direct Energy will charge a cancellation fee calculated on a sliding scale. The information the supplier currently provides about the cancellation fee is a confusing, and is something you might ask about before purchasing.

At the end of your term, Direct Energy will automatically roll you into their month-to-month variable rate plan, which may not be ideal for saving on your electric bill. Before that time comes, head back to Ohio Energy Ratings and shop to compare electric plans in Columbus and find the best rate for you.

If green energy is a factor in your choice of electric providers in Columbus, the low rate and perks of the Live Brighter 12 plan may still leave you less than satisfied. But remember, the state is currently working towards providing 12.5% of its power through renewable sources. That means most electric plans will be seeing a boost in the green energy department with coming years.

Why choose low rates with a 12-month fixed plan?

Variable rate plans will sometimes look extremely tempting by offering an incredibly low electric rate in Columbus that’s only good for the first month. A fixed rate plan will protect you from rate spikes that can be unpredictable month-to-month. With fixed rates, you know what you’re getting from day one.

Fixed rate plans come in many sizes, but 12-month plans are an option that suits almost everybody. Renters will appreciate the plan’s compatibility with their rental agreements which are often also 12 months. Homeowners will appreciate being able to shop at Ohio Energy Ratings for a new, potentially lower rate at the end of 12 months.

The best choice for an electric provider in Columbus.

With the cheapest rate available in Columbus and top-notch customer service, Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 can’t be matched. The qualities of our pick for best 12 month plan make it an easy choice!