AEP Raising Ohio Electricity Rates In June

Don't get burned when higher AEP electricity rates take effect on June 1. Find out why this Ohio utility hiked its rates by 28% and how you can save more on your monthly energy bills.

How Will AEP Hike Affect Your Columbus Electricity Bills?

AEP electricity rates are going up by 28% on June 1! Find out how you can save more on your Ohio electric bills all year long!
Why pay 28% more on your AEP electricity rates? Find out how you can save more on your Ohio electricity bills and avoid paying high SSO rates!

Much like other companies around Ohio, AEP Ohio will be raising their rates on June 1st. Customers can expect a 28% increase in their bills. But percentages aren’t telling you how much you’ll actually be paying. Lets take a look at why AEP is raising Ohio electricity rates in June.

Why Your Electricity Rates Are Increasing

Firstly let’s take a look at why your electricity bills are going to go up. Every year there are two auctions that determine the standard service offer. As a result of the average auction prices, the average consumer could see prices as high as 9.6 cents per kWh. That means that a home using an average of 750 kWh per month will see bills go from around $86 to over $101. But don’t worry, there are ways you can prevent this.

Shop Around For the Cheapest Electric Plans

If you’re concerned about a bill increase, don’t worry. You can take control of your electricity rate before this increase happens. There are tons of low rates in Ohio cities that you can take advantage of. Since there’s still more than a month left, you have time to find the best option without having to resort to short-term plans. Grab a year-long rate, and enjoy the savings.

Start Looking For Your New Electricity Plan Now

The great thing about having some warning is you don’t have to panic and run to the first option that sounds like a good idea. Take some time to read up about your consumer rights, and compare companies to make sure you know you’re going to be getting the best deal. And while the prices you see now may not look like the best deal right now, in just two short months, you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year over the PTC rate. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t the time to play chicken with the market. These increases are going to happen, and you have an opportunity to secure a great rate before prices change.

Don’t Be Shocked By Rising AEP Electricity Rates

We know what’s going to happen, and we can prepare. Now’s the time to check out the best prices in the AEP service area, and grab a new plan. You can beat this coming AEP rate increase! Start by checking out all the best plans at 

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