Don’t Miss Electricity Rates That Beat the PTC in Akron

Get stable electric rates that beat the PTC! Compare these electric rates and shop these great plans for Akron!
Want stable electric rates? Ohio Edison’s Price to Compare rates every month. You can beat the PTC when you compare rates and shop these great plans!

Beat Ohio Edison’s Price To Compare With These Rates

Looking to save on your electricity for your Akron home? You certainly can with all the energy saving tips out there, but what about switching your electricity? The Ohio Edison Price To Compare is 5.24 cents per kWh at the moment. However, this rate expires at the end of the month! Find a great rate now that’s less than what the utility is offering. Don’t miss these great electricity rates that beat the PTC in Akron!

13 Months Of Fixed-Rate Electricity

Looking for something way below Ohio Edison’s rate? We’ve got the perfect rate for you. Public Power’s Electric 13 Month Standard Fixed Rate or 13 months. At just 4.89 cents per kWh, this rate is 6.7% below the PTC! And, if you needthe flexibility to end it early, there’s no termination fee. There are two catches though! Firstly, this rate does come with a $9.99 monthly fee. Secondly, this is a special online offer for first-time customers. If you have used Public Power before, you will unfortunately not be able to secure this rate. Public Power will notify you near the end of your contract and offer to automatically enroll you onto either a new fixed rate plan or a variable rate term. At this point, you should shop for a new plan.

A Year And A Half Of Electricity

Like its sibling rate, Public Power’s Electric 18 Month Fixed Rate is below the PTC. Priced at 4.99 cents per kWh, this rate comes in at 4.8% below the PTC! Also, like their other plan, it does come with the $9.99 monthly charge and is only available for first-time customers. Finally, Public Power will notify you about your renewal options about one month before your contract ends. If do you nothing, they could auto-enroll you onto either a new fixed or variable rate. So be sure to notify them of your choice.

3 Years Of Electricity At A Great Rate

So this rate doesn’t beat the PTC, but it’s a fantastic deal for homeowners. With the monthly changes to Ohio Edison’s PTC, having that guarantee of stability over the next three years can be great! The 36 Month Home Power Rate from Constellation is priced at 5.79 cents per kWh, which is slightly higher than the PTC. There’s also no monthly charge. This plan comes with some great benefits though! Aside from getting power for a full three years, there’s only a $25 early termination fee, meaning if rates drop you won’t be scrambling to pay a huge fee if you want to switch.

At the end of your contract, Constellation sends a notice about a month out from the end of your contract with a new offer. You have thirty days to reject this new offer before Constellation automatically re-enrolls you at the new rate.

Don’t Miss Out On These Rates That Beat the PTC!

Shopping for electricity doesn’t have to be something that makes you sweat. Use these rates as a great jumping-off point! There’s always a rate that will fit your home perfectly. Be sure to grab one before the Price To Compare changes at the end of the month! For more great rates, tips, and tricks, check out more at

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