How to ID Scammy Electricity Telemarketers

Learn the scammy electricity marketing lies some salespeople use to trick you into switching providers or giving away your information.

Protect Your Home From Electricity Scams

Learn the scammy electricity marketing lies some salespeople use to trick you into switching providers or giving away your information.
Scammy Electricity Telemarketers lie to you to take advantage of you. Learn what these tricks are so you can avoid them and still shop the best energy deals in Ohio.

Let’s say you’re spending a morning relaxing at home, when your phone rings. Your caller ID shows it’s your local Ohio utility company, so you pick up. The representative asks you to verify your account number. They then tell you that you owe a ton of money for your last bill. You give them your payment information. The next month, a company you’ve never heard of autobills you for hundreds of dollars. This is just one of the examples of deceptive sales practices from scams that target Ohioans every day. What can you do? To help you not be a victim, let’s cover the most common tactics so you can ID scammy electricity telemarketers.

Common Electricity Scams

There are a few common electricity scams you may find out in the wild. Door-to-door sales representatives will lie about the details in the plans they’re offering. They may skip that a variable rate plan has an introductory rate good for one month. Instead, they say“the current rate is”. Customers who jump on the super low rate wind up seeing it doubling or tripling within a few months.

Another common tactic is for suppliers to illegally misrepresent themselves as being from your utility. Remember that your utility will never call to threaten a shut off for an unpaid bill. Ohio law requires that utilities follow a specific procedure to ensure electricity consumer rights. That means all correspondence from your utility must be sent through the mail. As with any scam avoidance, make sure you never give your credit card details over the phone. Unless, of course, it is a number you yourself have dialed.

Some agents may lie about the reason they’re calling you. Scammers offer special “rebates” tied to signing up to a new plan, or a state-run program that doesn’t exist. They also lie about how the energy market works to scare customers into switching providers. This can include saying your utility charges a fee each time you use an appliance or flip a light switch.

How To Protect Yourself From Scammy Electricity Deals

Make sure you always have information about the plan you’re signing up for. It’s a red flag if representatives pressure you into signing a contract before you read the terms and conditions. Another red flag is if they try to claim they’re from your utility. Again, your utility will never call you asking for money.

The very best way to shop for your Ohio electricity rates is to use a trustworthy site. That way you can compare plans at your own speed and stay informed about important issues. At Ohio Electricity Ratings, you can even see customer reviews to make sure you’re teaming up with the best company.

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