How to Shop Smart with the Best Variable Electric Rate Plan 

Switch to a variable electric rate plan to find the best fixed rate plan for your home. No contract, plus you could save money!

Flexible Ways To Shop For Your New Rate

Use variable electric rate plans to help you get more time to shop the the cheapest Ohio fixed rate plans while saving money.
If you need more time to shop the cheapest Ohio fixed rate plans, then switch to a variable electric rate plan. Some introductory rates help you save plus you’ll get extra time to secure the best fixed rate plan..

Are you still trying to narrow down your choice for an electric rate plan? Can’t stand being on that pesky Price To Compare any longer? You may feel pressured to pick a plan that’s not right for you just to get out of your current contract. What you really could use is some more time to shop. Well, there’s a great way to “extend” your shopping time while still saving money. It’s true that variable rate plans do have some drawbacks, but they’re a great short term option for people wanting to save money. So, let’s look at how can you use a variable electric rate plan to shop smarter.

Why Pick a Variable Electric Rate Plan

Variable rate plans are a great way to take advantage of very short term low rates or supply a short term need. Variable rate offers often have obscenely low introductory rates ranging from 1-3 months. This means if you need a little more time to find your perfect rate, you can do so without paying the higher rate of another plan, or dealing with any early termination fees from a plan that doesn’t work out. Variable rate plans are also a great option if you need just a little bit more time to finish out a lease, or moving into a new place.

The Downsides of Variable Rates

On the other hand there is a very steep downside to variable rate plans. And it’s that they’re variable. Any number of factors can cause rates to jump month to month after that initial introductory period. This doesn’t mean they’re inherently bad, but you shouldn’t rely on the for long term savings. So, to get the most from these plans without getting stuck is to watch for when those introductory rates expire. That’s when you want to be in your new fixed rate plan. If you’re not, that variable rate will rise and so will your bills.

If you need to leave a high priced plan but need time to shop fixed rates, sign on to a variable electric plan. No contract plus the flexibility to switch.
The rate for variable electric plans can change every month. But there’s no contract so you get flexibility to switch when you the best fixed rate plan for your home.

What To Look For In A Variable Electric Rate

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you pick out a variable rate plan. First, you’ll want to hop on a low rate so you can save money while you shop around for your new fixed rate plan. Next, read the fine print on what happens when that introductory rate expires. Are you going to be automatically enrolled into the new rate, or do you need to sign up for another month yourself? How much is the new rate going to go up? Finally, figure out your switch dates. Electricity plan switches are completed when the meter is read. So be sure to switch your plans before your next meter read. This is key because depending on meter schedules, it can be up to 45 days between meter reads.

Shop Smarter With Variable Electric Rates

While variable rates aren’t for everyone, they’re a great option to help you shop for a new electric rate. Use them as another resource at your disposal. And for the best help, use to shop for your next electric rate.

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