AEP Ohio Hikes Rates This Month

AEP Ohio seeks to hike Columbus area customer bills by raising transmission charges. Learn how you can shop and switch to save more on your Ohio electricity.

Save Before Rates Hike Your Bills

AEP Ohio wants charge you more on your Ohio electricity bills. Learn how their BTCR rate increases everyone's monthly energy bills.
AEP Ohio is seeking to increase their BTCR charges to your monthly Ohio electricity bill. Find out how much you can save when you shop and switch to the best plan providers.

The AEP Ohio transmission rate hike kicks in this month. So, if AEP Ohio is your local utility company, then you’re stuck with this hike. This higher charge is part of the Basic Transmission Cost Rider (BTCR). But, the cost of the BTCR charge depends on who you ask. According to AEP Ohio, it adds $10 to an average customer’s bill. The Ohio Consumer’s Counsel, meanwhile, puts the cost to customers using 1000 kWh at around $44 per month. Still, for all Energy Choice Ohio customers, this is going to hurt. So, let’s find out why AEP is raising their rates and how you can save money despite the hike.

AEP Ohio Grid Updates Are Expensive

With ongoing problems with aging grids, utilities are looking for solutions. Unfortunately, many of these solutions require expensive upgrades and replacements. Grid improvements and infrastructure are increasingly important as demand rises. However, there’s an interesting catch to this one. While residentials consumers are expected to pay more, businesses and large-scale customers are actually having their fees lowered. According to AEP, Ohio energy consumers used the most electricity during peak hours. But there has to be a way you can save even with the charge increase.

Shaking Up AEP Ohio Rates

The current AEP Ohio price to compare is super high, all the way up at 11.32 cents per kWh. Meanwhile, most third party suppliers are averaging around 6-7 cents per kWh. Even if rates come down the estimated $20 in savings that AEP touts in their June PTC release, you can save so much more by shopping and switching now. 

Let’s suppose your home uses 1000kWh of electricity every month. If you stuck with the current PTC from AEP Ohio, you’d be paying $113.20 for your energy supply plus another $44 in transmission. Not including delivery charges, that totals to around $157.20 every month. Even if the PTC fell to 9 cents per kWh (which is what would average a $20 ‘savings’) you’d still be paying around $134 every month just for your electricity supply.

Save on AEP Ohio charges when you shop switch to the Best Ohio electricity providers.
Save more on your AEP Ohio bills when you shop and switch to rates from the Best Ohio electricity providers.

However, if you switch to the 18 Month Home Power Plan from Constellation, you’ll pay less. At just 5.39 cents per kWh, you’re paying about half the AEP rate per kWh. Your energy supply charge adds up to around 53.90. Add in that $44 transmission charge and your total supply rate goes to around $97.90 every month; about $36 less than AEP Ohio’s “lower” rate.

Save Now With A Third Party Supplier

Even with AEP Ohio looking to lower their rates, you can still save more than their offering, and well before their PTC update takes effect. There are a ton of rates available across the AEP Ohio area, and across Ohio. You can find the best savings for your family, and avoid the strain of this BTCR increase. And remember that with summer coming up, it’s the perfect time to put some energy saving tips into effect. Find those, and more at 

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