Save on Heating Your Ohio Home with an Energy Audit!

A home energy audit is the best way to learn what's wasting your Ohio energy dollars. Find out how you could save more money on your Ohio electricity.

Stop Your Home From Leaking Heat $

A home energy audit can cut down your energy usage while still keeping your home warm this winter. Find out how you can save more on your Ohio electricity!
Find out how you can Stop Your Home From Leaking Heat this winter. Learn how a home energy audit can help you keep your home warm and help you save more on your Ohio electricity!

We know that the word “audit” can cause a lot of uneasiness, but don’t worry. This is an audit you shouldn’t be afraid of. Performing an energy audit on your home can save you money. Unsure of what an energy audit is? Find out how you can save on heating your Ohio home with an energy audit this winter.

What Is An Energy Audit?

At its core, a home energy audit is just identifying where your home is losing the most energy efficiency. This includes drafty windows, leaky doors, but also goes into things like backdraft problems and ventilation. It’s easy to perform a DIY energy assessment. However, if you’re not confident that you can do it yourself, there are ways you can have someone do it for you.

Companies That Provide Energy Audits

Unfortunately for many Ohio electricity consumers, HB6 ended the energy efficiency programs once offered by the state’s electric utilities. As customers struggle to pay their current electric bills, that may change. For now, however, you should check with your gas company. Columbia Gas is offering appointments until the end of 2022. Dominion Energy will provide an audit for $50, and can also install a Nest smart thermostat for an additional $50. Vectren also offers a home assessment. Duke Energy is the odd one out and does not offer audits in Ohio.

Your Part Of Ohio Doesn’t Offer Energy Audits?

Don’t worry, doing an energy audit on your home is easy. Start off by trying out some tools from the Ohio Consumers Council. This should give you a good starting point to see where some of your energy is being wasted. Then, start poking around your home. If you own your home, try sealing or replacing drafty windows. Add sweeps to doors, and replace worn weather stripping. If you rent, consider things like removable or washable draft stoppers. Doing this can help prevent heat loss during the colder months. Ohio is due for an unseasonably snowy winter, and slowing heat loss can keep your HVAC from running longer to keep your home warm.

Save Money This Winter With A Home Energy Audit

There are tons of great tools online that can help you perform your own energy audit. If you live in an area that will allow you to have a professional one done, take advantage while you can! Check out resources for your area. If you’re expecting trouble paying your bills this winter, try shopping around for a better rate. There are great tips and tricks you can take advantage of to reduce your electricity usage and your bills. Check it all out and more on 

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