Seven Safety Tips for LED Holiday Lights

Cats and Christmas Trees -- What could possibly go wrong? Learn how to use LED lights safely this holiday season and save on your electricity bills, too.

Safe LED Lights For The Holidays

LED lights for your home decoration this holiday season can still be a dangerous fire hazard. Check out our safety tips and have a joyous Christmas!
Check out our safety tips for LED lights for your home decorations this holiday season. Plus learn how you can save more on your monthly electricity bills.

The weather outside is actually rather pleasant for this time of year, and while a fire inside a fireplace may be delightful, fires outside of your fireplace aren’t. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, December is a leading month for home fires. Additionally, approximately 44% of home Christmas tree fires start because of overloaded electrical circuits. So you may be thinking, why not use LED lights this year instead? LED lights have some great benefits: they use less electricity than traditional lights. They last a lot longer than your standard lights too. But are they safer? Here are seven safety tips for LED holiday lights to keep your home safe this holiday season.

How Many Strings Of LED Lights Can You String Together?

Generally, you shouldn’t put more than 210 watts of electricity through an outlet. If you have a 10-watt string of lights, that means you could plug up to 21 strings of lights in to a single outlet without causing a fire hazard, or overloading your circuits.

Can I Leave My LEDs On All The Time?

While LED lights run cooler than traditional incandescents, very long wire strings can actually overheat. In some cases, the insulation can melt cause fires. That’s very dangerous with real trees as they can dry out. Plus they also have highly flammable resins.

Can I Put LED Lights On A Timer?

Yes! You can absolutely put LED lights on a timer, and that’s a great way to save on electricity. However, if you’re using a smart plug for your LED lights, make sure you’re not exceeding that watt limit to avoid dangerous situations.

Can I Leave My Lights Up Year Round?

It’s not a good idea. Whether they are incandescents or LEDs, sun, heat, and cold weather will damage the plastic insulation overtime. And this can make them more of a fire risk.

Can I Put My Lights On A Dimmer?

Not all LED lights are dimmable. Unless the packaging specifically says a light is dimmable, don’t put it on a dimmer. Not only do you run the risk of damaging the lights but also increase the fire risk.

Can I Plug In Even More Lights If I Have A Power Strip?

An extension cord doesn’t raise the limit of an outlet, it simply increases the amount of plugs. Power strips and extension cords also have their own limits. Pulling too much electricity can overheat extension cords and power strips, causing the wiring to melt and start fires. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Can I Put Up Damaged Lights?

Whether rodents or reindeer are munching on your lights, you should never put up damaged strings of lights. Replace or repair any lights with loose connections, frayed wires, or burnt-out bulbs.

Keep Your Home Safe This Season

LED lights can be a great way to save on your electricity. But you do need to make sure you’re staying safe. If you’re looking for other ways to cut down on your electricity this winter, consider shopping around for a new electricity rate. That way you can increase your savings to keep your home merry and bright. You can shop for all the best rates at