Shop Recommended Electricity Plans for Toledo

Resolve to lock in a low priced electricity plan this year! Shop rates that beat Toledo Edison and save!

Resolve To Save on Electricity Plans Next Year

These electricity plans easily beat the current Toledo Edison rate. Find out out how much you can save each month when you Resolve To Save on Electric plans this year.
Why pay more? Find out out how much you can save each month when you resolve to save on electricity plans this year. Shop rates that beat the PTC now!

The new year is just around the corner. While we’re not upset to see the price hikes of 2023 leave us so soon, now is still a great time to save on your electricity rates for next year. You may have tried that energy choice Ohio site but had no luck finding the best electricity plans. Relax because we offer better options. Check out these four recommended electricity plans for Toledo and how they can help you save in 2024.

How We Estimate Your Savings

While we can’t exactly pinpoint how much electricity you’re going to use, there are some useful statistics that we’ll be using to come up with an average. For 2022, the EIA figured that the average Ohio household used around 874 kWh of electricity per month. Your own results may vary. But, you can see how much you use on average by taking a look at your monthly electric bill. With the current Toledo Edison price to compare of 9.80 cents per kWh, an average monthly usage bill costs $79.35. Remember that this estimate doesn’t include the Toledo Edison distribution charges and other fees and riders. We’re just going to be focusing on the usage price of electricity.

Two Rates From Public Power

Public Power offers some of the lower-priced plans in Ohio and offers multiple term lengths. We recommend their 10 Month Fixed Rate and their 12 Month Fixed Rate. Both of these plans have no early termination fee. There’s not a huge difference between these plan’s rates. But, you’re still paying less than the Toledo Edison PTC rate. With the 10 month rate at 5.99 cents per kWh, you’ll save an average of $20 per month. The 12 month rate of 6.19 cents per kWh will save you an average of $18. Make sure you keep track of your renewal notices. These arrive around 45 days before the end of your contract. Both contracts automatically renew under new terms that Public Power sends in their renewal notice. However, you can cancel just by calling them.

Shop electricity plans that beat the Toledo Edison rate! Learn how much you can save!
Why pay more this year to Toledo Edison when you can shop the best electricity plans. Find out how these plans can help you save more!

Get Great Deals With Santanna

Santanna Energy Services has a great customer service track record. While their Fixed-Rate Electricity 12 plan comes priced at 6.49 cents per kWh with a $100 cancellation fee, you can’t knock stress-free customer service. This plan will still save you an average of $14 every month versus the PTC rate. At the end of your term with Santanna, your contract will automatically renew. Be sure to keep an eye out for your renewal notices around 3 months before the end of your contract.

Short Term Electricity Plans With APG&E

If you’re not looking for a year long commitment, APG&E has a plan for you. Their TrueSimple 6 plan is 6.61 cents per kWh. This will still save you around $12 every month over the PTC rate. There is also a pesky monthly charge of $1.99, and a cancelation fee of $100. Like the other plans, this one will automatically renew if you do not take action, so watch for those renewal notices.

Save Money On Your Toledo Electricity Bills

These four plans are easy ways to get great savings from rates below the Toledo Edison PTC. Be sure to check them out and more ways to save on your electricity bill. Plus, you can check out all the other plans for your area at 

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