Compare Best Energy Deals in Dayton

Take the best way to save on your home's electricity when you compare these deals that beat the AES price to compare.

Compare The Best Electricity Deals

Compare great deals on energy plans for your home in Dayton. Lock in a low rate plan that's well below the price to compare!
Why guess at home much you’ll pay to cool your home? Compare the best electricity deal and save more on your monthly bills.

Sometimes the worst thing about so many choices is making a choice. Sure, we have all the best electricity suppliers in Ohio listed. But you still have to search through and pick. And that can be intimidating. But don’t worry, we make choices easy! So, let’s start by helping you compare the best 12 month deals in Dayton.

Taking The Guess Work Out Of Your Electricity

Let’s start by focusing on two long term plans. And they are amazing plans if you want to save on your electricity for a while. Because of all the “what ifs” and wild predictions about the future, we can’t calculate the savings over the life of the plans. But we can estimate savings for the near future.

According to 2022 EIA estimates, the average Ohio home uses about 874 kWh of electricity per month. The AES Ohio price to compare is way up there at 10.80 cents per kWh. And that lasts until May 31, 2024. That means on your AES Ohio bill, you’re paying roughly $95 per month for your electricity supply use. But, with natural gas prices falling due to the warmer weather, now is the time to jump on a cheaper electricity rate and lock it in long term!

Gain Security With Your Electricity

If you’re looking for a good rate to keep an eye on things with, we recommend going with Constellation. Their 18 Month Home Power Plan is currently priced at 8.49 cents per kWh. With that rate, you’d be saving $20 a month on your electricity usage. Between now and May 31, that adds up to $100 over the current PTC rate. Plus, if you need flexibility, there is also a super-low cancellation fee of $25. Towards the end of your contract with Constellation, you receive a new offer 30 days before the end of the 18 month contract. You have 30 days to reject this offer, or be automatically accepted.

Compare the Best Long Term Deals

Do you want rate security for a really long time? How about 4 years of the same rate? Energy Harbor is actually offering that. Their SafeHarbor 48 plan locks your rate in at 7.59 cents per kWh for 48 months with no monthly charge. With highs in the 90’s through the past summer, running your AC could get very expensive if you want to beat the heat in 2024. If you want to know your immediate savings over the PTC, you’d be saving over $30 every month. In 5 months that’s around $150!

Compare electricity deals that beat the AES Price to Compare. We make shopping the best plans easy!
Shopping is simple! Compare the best deals for your Ohio electricity. Lock in the best energy plans with the lowest rates!

But imagine those savings over 4 years. In the unlikely event that electricity prices don’t rise, you’d be saving over $1400 on your electricity! Plus, Additionally, there’s no early termination fee! So if you need to leave the plan, you can! At the end of the term, the contract will automatically renew. So as soon as you sign on, be sure to set an alert far in the future to keep an eye out for those renewal notices.

Shop & Compare Energy Deals For Your Home

These are some of the best long-term deals you can get in Dayton right now. But there are plenty more to look at around the Dayton area. To keep shop and compare other deals, check out

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