Best Natural Gas Companies

You can search high and low looking at all the different websites to find the best natural gas company and rate, but no matter where you are in Ohio, you will always find great rates from good companies here on Ohio.

What is the best natural gas company in Ohio?

The answer is, 'It Depends'. Not all companies have plans that meet every customers need.

So how should you decide? First, decide what 'Best' really means to you:

  • Is it the company with the best customer service?
  • Is it the provider with a low deposit?
  • Is it having a predictable rate no matter how much natural gas you use?
  • Is it having the same cost each month regardless of usage?

Get a great provider AND a great rate

Lots of sites can say they have the 'Best Natural Gas Companies In Ohio!', but only OH Energy Ratings gives you the tools to know you're getting a great company to go with the a competitive energy rate. We've collected thousands of reviews from customers just like you, who know there is more to a product than just price.

Our best gas companies

If you are looking for a highly-regarded company with a great rate per kwh (kilowatt hour) in a normal fixed rate plan, then you can start your search right here on this page. We've rated these companies and have found their best natural gas rate for you, no matter if you're in Akron, or any other Ohio city.

Our Top 10 Electricity & Natural Gas Providers: