Those Other Places to Seal and Insulate

If you're trying to lower your Ohio electric bill this winter, seal and insulate those OTHER less noticeable places in your home. Let us show you how to get started.

Keep The Cold Out This Winter

Seal and insulate those OTHER less noticeable places in your home. Find out how to save more on your Ohio electricity rates this winter.
Have rising electricity rates made your home feel extra-drafty? There’s a ton of places for cold drafts to sneak into your home. We’ll cover a few to help you save more on your Ohio electric bills this winter.

Does your home leak cold drafts like a sieve? Wet, cold, rainy weather can show you some unfortunate gaps in your home’s sealing. Not only will it make you uncomfortable, cold drafts can also lead to mold growth that harms your family’s health. Plus, it can it raise your Ohio utility bills. If your home is feeling a little more drafty this year from the rising electricity rates, don’t fret. You can fix these problems. Sure, you can hit the big familiar gaps, but what about all the others? Let’s talk about those other places to seal and insulate.

Seal and Insulate Your Attic

Do you have a finished attic, or do you just have a space that has mounds of insulation and what you hope isn’t the ceiling of the next room? Regardless of which you have, make sure you keep an eye on your knee walls, and the spaces behind them. These spaces between “walking” height and the narrow corner of your roof can be a huge leak for heat during the winter. This all comes back to thermal equilibrium. Much like old leaky windows can be blocked with curtains, insulation in those areas can keep heat from leeching into the outside. Additionally, take a poke around up there, make sure there aren’t any uninvited guests living in your insulation. Mounded animal nests can interfere with the quality of insulation in your home.

Your Fireplace Is Another Place

The stockings may be hung on the mantle with care, but how much care are you giving to your fireplace’s flue? Heat can warp or crack the flue on your fireplace overtime. Make sure you’re giving regular maintenance to your fireplace to prevent leaks. In the mean time, check out a chimney balloon for when you’re not planning on using your fireplace. They act as fantastic stop-gaps between your home and the outside world. It’s also not a bad time to have someone look at your chimney’s brickwork. Cracked chimneys can cause drafts as well, so before you light a fire this season, have a professional take a look.

Seal and Insulate Your Outlets

If you’re struggling with a lot of drafts, check the seal around your outside outlets. If you find any gaps around them, make sure to jam a little bit of caulk into them. This will not only keep rain and snow from getting into your walls, but will help keep the warm air of your home from trying to warm up the outside as well. This goes for any other hole or opening cut into your exterior wall. If you have a vent for your bathroom, be sure to seal it around the edges. Windows? Double-check that caulk. Doors? Reapply your weather stripping.

Insulate Your Home To Save Energy

Despite the winter cold, you can make your house energy efficient just in time for the holidays. By double-checking your insulation and seals, you can reduce the amount of time you have to run your heater this winter. All things considered, be sure to check out other great tips and tricks to help you lower your electricity bill. And if you’re looking for a new plan to keep your winter bills on budget, check out

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