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Compare Toledo Edison and its short term PTC rate with all these low fixed electricity rate plans that can save you money on your Ohio electricity bill.
Are you a Toledo Edison customer? They might offer a low PTC rate but it won’t last to fall. Plus there’s several Ohio retail electricity plans that easily beat it and offer low fixed price.
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This summer, from June 1 until August 31,  Toledo Edison’s Price To Compare (PTC) rate will be 5.54 cents per kWh. For savvy Ohio electricity customers, finding the cheapest electricity plans available can save them money on their monthly bill. And not just for the summer but also for the whole year. Currently, there are plenty of available plans out there that easily beat Toledo Edison’s PTC. Because we want all Ohio electricity customers to find great rates, we’ve found  five plans in the Toledo Edison service area that are not only lower than the PTC but have fixed rates that last much longer. 

Cheapest Plans in Toledo Edison Area

Constellation Energy’s 6 Month Home Power Plan has the cheapest rate at 4.69 cents per kWh, and a $25 cancellation fee. However, that cancellation fee can be negligible due to Constellations satisfaction guarantee deal. If you leave within 90 days, you will not have to pay the $25 cancellation fee. The low rate and satisfaction guarantee are just a few of the reasons Constellation considered one of the best Ohio electricity suppliers.

Santanna Energy’s Premier Pick 6 has the second lowest rate in the Toledo Edison area. With a rate of 4.78 cents per kWh, but a $100 cancellation fee it doesn’t seem as appealing initially as Constellation’s. However unlike Constellation, Santanna offers a customer rewards program. This rewards program could give Ohio electricity customers discounts for online shopping or coupons for grocery shopping. 

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This next low priced plan in the Toledo Edison area is the Constellation Energy’s 12 Month Home Power Plan. It shares the same features as the 6 month plan (including the 90-day satisfaction guarantee ) with the only difference being that this year-long plan has a rate of 4.79 cents per kWh.

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 6 also has a rate of 4.79 cents per kWh. However, the SureLock 6 has a cancellation fee of $50. Xoom offers a rewards program with discounts and occasional access to free promotional deals.  Xoom‘s offers are similar rewards to Santanna but a very slightly higher rate.

Finally, Public Power’s 6 Month Fixed offers a rate of 4.99 cents per kWh. There’s no cancellation fee, and offers its Power Perks program for saving money while shopping. Upon purchasing something from select stores, you can earn a percentage of your money back on the Power Perk program. After you save enough money, you can redeem it for coupons or additional deals.

What is the Best Electricity Supplier?

Every plan listed offers something unique, and each one can fit a roll customers might look for to save more money on their Toledo Edison bill. Constellation’s 6 month and 12 month plans offer great savings for the lengths they come in. The satisfaction guarantee helps customers look for possible better deals while enjoying a low rate. Santanna and Xoom Energy both offer savings in not just electricity, but also discounts for shopping. Santanna has a lower rate, but higher cancellation fee;  Xoom Energy has a higher rate but lower cancellation fee. That’s important to note if you value flexibility to switch suppliers. Finally, while Public Power has a higher rate, there’s no cancellation fee and it offers a rewards program.

So you see, there’s no reason to pay the higher PTC rate when there are better deals available in the Toledo Edison service area. For more tips on saving money on your electricity bill, check out

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