Updated Cheapest 6 Month Electricity Rates in Toledo

Get the best price on Toledo energy with these cheap 6 month electricity rates!
Toledo Edison’s Price to Compare is STILL not the best electricity rate. Compare these 6 month electricity rates and see which plan saves you the most money this summer!

Cheapest 6 Month Plans in Toledo

It’s the middle of the summer and everyone’s air conditioners are running non-stop. If you’re using your air conditioner all the time to beat the summer heat, the higher your electricity bill will be at the end of the month. With natural gas prices at an all time average low, electricity prices are also down for this time of year.  If you have an electricity plan with a high rate, now is the time to switch electricity suppliers to get a better deal. But what if you plan to move at the end of the year or other circumstances won’t let you commit to a year long plan? Then a short 6 month electricity plan is the perfect way for you to save money on a fixed rate plan.

The Toledo Edison Price to Compare (PTC) has changed to 5.43 cents per kWh through September. Since Ohio’s average monthly usage is around 914 kWh, the PTC could cost you close to $50 a month. Luckily, the following 6 month electricity plans have great rates and services to offer. With all of them being cheaper than the PTC, you could save a lot of money this summer.

What Is The Cheapest 6 Month Electricity Plan?

Santanna Energy Services Premier Pick 6 has the lowest rate in Toledo of all the 6 month plans with a rate of 4.68 cents per kWh. The plan does, however, have a hefty $100 cancellation fee. On the other hand, Santanna Energy does offer a customer rewards program. With the rewards program, you could get discounts for shopping or dining. When the plan ends, you’ll be put on a month-to-month plan. That means every month’s rate could be different. While you might end up paying more at that time, you can cancel or switch without paying a fee.

Constellation Energy’s 6 Month Home Power Plan is right behind as the second cheapest with a rate of 4.69 cents per kWh. It has a low rate and a cancellation fee of $25 that kicks in after the first 90 days of the plan thanks to their satisfaction guarantee deal. So the cancellation plan only really affects half the contract period of the plan. If you want to find a cheaper rate after the summer heat is gone, Constellation is a great choice. Once the contract ends, you will be placed in a renewal term with a new rate and you can leave at any time.

Compare Toledo Edison Electricity Plans

Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 6 has a higher rate than the previous two plans at 4.98 cents per kWh. However, it does offer no cancellation fees for the entire contract. That means if you see a better deal at any point, you’re free to leave the plan. If you stay until the plan ends however, Energy Harbor will offer you several options which could include plan renewal or cancelling the agreement. If you do nothing and let the agreement expire, you’ll be transferred to Toledo Edison’s PTC rate.

Public Power’s 6 Month Fixed plan is the last of the four cheapest plans available. It’s just under the Toledo Edison PTC, with a rate of 5.32 cents per kWh. It has no cancellation fee and it does offer a rewards program. Through the Public Power Rewards Program, you could earn discounts and access to exclusive deals. When the contract ends, you will be rolled onto either a month-to-month plan, or a similar fixed rate plan.

Apples to Apples Compare Electricity Rates

Each plan has a unique offer to them, making them appealing in a few ways. The Santanna Energy Premier Pick 6 has the lowest rate, but a high cancellation fee. So if you get that plan, you’ll probably have to stick it out, but you’ll receive customer rewards. The Constellation Energy 6 Month Home Power Plan has a low rate, but offers flexibility since you can leave early if you see a better deal. Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 6 offers flexibility for the entirety of the contract, so leaving at any point is easy. Finally, the Public Power 6 Month Fixed has a high rate, but has flexibility and a rewards program.

The plan that will work best for your home depends on your unique electricity usage. For more information on Ohio electricity rates and how you can save money, check out https://www.ohenergyratings.com.

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