Cleveland’s Best April Fools Day Electricity Rates

Don't make a fool of yourself shopping for Cleveland electricity this April 1.
Don’t make a fool of yourself shopping for Cleveland electricity this April 1. Lock in a low fixed rate that really saves you money.

Best Electricity Company in Cleveland

With April Fools being celebrated in Cleveland, it’s easy to be fooled by jokes and pranks . But there is one thing that’s not a joke is high electricity rates. Finding a plan with low rates can help you save a lot of money. But instead of saving money for a short time, why not lock in savings for a year or more? So you before you’re fooled into signing on to a high rate electricity plan, take a look first at these three cheap electricity plans in Cleveland, OH.

Cheapest Electricity Plan in Cleveland

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 is the cheapest 12 month plan available in Cleveland. With a rate of 5.09 cents per kWh it is .2 cents per kWh cheaper than the next cheapest 12 month. As a bonus, Xoom Energy offers a rewards program. Xoom Energy’s rewards program offers premium discounts and coupons for certain stores. The low price and rewards program helps to find the cheapest electricity rates available.

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Constellation Energy’s 18 Month Home Power Plan has the lowest price out of all the 18 month plans available. It’s rate is 5.09 cents per kWh, which leaves it tied with the SureLock 12 in price. The 18 Month Home Power Plan however has a $25 cancellation fee, but it isn’t as bad considering that Constellation offers a satisfaction guarantee deal. If you leave the plan within 90 days of starting the plan, you will not have to pay the cancellation fee. With these prices and offers, it’s easy to see why Constellation is one of the best electricity companies. And that’s no joke.

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The cheapest 24 month plan around is Santanna Energy Services Premier Pick 24 Month. With a rate of 5.50 cents per kWh and a cancellation fee of $100, it has the highest rate out of these three plans. But what it offers in return is safety from fluctuating prices in the electricity market. The EIA predicts that electricity prices might rise in 2021 from an average of 13.05 cents per kWh in 2020 to 13.32 cents per kWh in 2021. Santanna also offers a rewards program where you could get discounts for stores you visit. Discounts on shopping, dining, and travelling. With these great offers, it’s no surprise Santanna Energy Services is rated as the fourth best electricity supplier in Ohio.

Compare Cleveland Electricity Rates

Each plan caters to a specific want. If you want a cheap short plan with a bonus offer, then Xoom Energy would be a good choice. With their discount offer, you could save plenty of money every month. If you need a plain, cheap rate that goes on for longer than the standard 12 month, Constellation Energy’s 18 Month Home Power Plan has you covered.  Finally Santanna Energy Services 2 year long plan might cost more but its discount program could help you save more money over time than a plan with a lower rate.

This April 1, don’t be pranked by plans with low prices with hidden costs. These plans deals are no joke. For more information on great Ohio electric rates, energy saving tips, and electric provider reviews, check out