Lock In A Long Term Electric Rate

Shopping for the best long term electric rate in Columbus, OH, is as easy as apples-to-apples-pie! Compare these cheap prices!
Shopping for the best long term electric rate in Columbus, OH, is as easy as apples-to-apples-pie! Compare these cheap prices!

Find Your Perfect Two Year Electric Rate in Columbus

Get ready to power that Thanksgiving feast with the perfect long term electric rate for the next two years! Time may be running out to lock in a low rate but, with a little help, shopping for electricity can be as easy as making apple pie! Let’s look at the positives, negatives and neutrals of the following two year plans available in Columbus, Ohio.

A Long Term Electric Rate With No Surprises

The AEP Price To Compare is currently sitting at 5.05 cents per kWh, and it expires at the end of the year. As we heading into the holiday season, not knowing how much that new rate is frustrating, especially as rates are expected to rise by 0.7% over last year.

If you looking for something simple, with no surprises then check out the Xoom Energy SureLock 24 plan. This rate is currently sitting at 5.99 cents per kWh. This plan does host a hefty early termination fee of $200. However, Xoom Energy does have a benefits program that allows you to get gift cards, discounts, and other rewards for online shopping, groceries, and other prizes through your bill payments! At the end of your service term, if you don’t renew your contract, or switch to a new provider, you will be rolled over to a variable rate month to month plan, which could end up costing you! Remember to come back and shop around again with Ohio Energy Ratings!

A Long Term Electric Rate With No Termination Fee

Looking for something a little more flexible? While this rate is the more expensive of the three we’re comparing here, Public Power’s 24 Month Fixed plan is sitting comfortably at 6.09 cents per kWh. The benefit of no termination fee is that even if your plans change and you don’t end up using your entire contract, you’re not going to owe a hefty fee! Public Power also offers phone alerts to help you save money, inform you of outages, and set up bill reminders! Public Power isn’t very forthcoming on details about the end of your contract though. They offer two options: a new fixed rate plan, or a variable month to month plan. These details will be in your renewal notices and your contract before you sign up.

A Low Long Term Electric Rate

Are you really trying to pinch those pennies? The Constellation 24 Month Home Power Plan is strikingly low priced! At only 5.19 cents per kWh, this plan can help you save money on your electricity bills. If you find yourself needing to cancel, there is a small fee, but it’s only $25. A benefit is that Constellation invests in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help support green energy. Make sure you pay attention to the renewal date for your rate though! At the end of your term, Constellation will automatically roll your plan over into a new contract, without you needing to approve it.

Lock In Your Perfect Two Year Electric Rate

The timer is counting down to when these rates will change and disappear! Make sure you lock in a low rate for the next two years now before it goes off! These plans offer a variety of great bonuses for everyone looking for a great two year plan. And remember, when it’s time to shop for a new plan, come back to www.ohenergyratings.com to find more great rates!

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