New Year’s Resolutions to Save Energy At Home

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Resolve to use less! Learn how you can save energy at home and save money on your Ohio utility bills with our great ten tips!
Resolve to use less! Follow our great ten tips and learn how you can save energy at home this new year!

Start the New Year With Savings!

If you’re like one of the many Ohioans looking to save energy on your utility bill in 2021, you might be a little overwhelmed where to start. We’ve made that easy with 10 useful resolutions to help make your 2021 the most energy efficient year you’ve had!

1. Window Wishes

Drafty windows can leak a huge amount cold air into your home. If you can’t replace them, then look for ways to stop the drafts with caulk or weatherstripping. Another solution is to block gaps between your window sashes with draft guards or “window worms”. Simple draperies can also reduce heat loss by 10% in winter and block hot sun in summer.

2. Wash Full Loads Of Laundry

Full loads of laundry use less water and less electricity. But if you’re using old laundry machines, then upgrade to an EnergyStar qualified washer that can save you money on both your electricity and water bill. Some washers even adjust to the weight of the clothes you put in them, using only the electricity and water the cycle needs.

3. Use Your Programmable Thermostat!

Did you get a new smart thermostat for the holidays, or does your house already have a programmable thermostat? Bust out the manual and start using it to it’s full potential! By setting back your thermostat when no one is home or active, you can save while not even knowing it!

4. Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Maintaining your chimney can not only help save you money but also prevent house fires! Cracks, blockages, creosote can damage your chimney, affect the efficiency of your wood stove, and pose a fire risk. Regular chimney inspection and cleaning can help keep your family warm and safe in the new year.

5. Stop Things Sitting In Standby

Your television, that sweet new gaming system you got for the holidays, your computer –all these things are vampires on your electricity! While newer EnergyStar appliances don’t consume as much power during standby mode, they’re still slowly drain electricity even when they’re off. Use power strips to take control and turn them off when they’re not needed.

6. Swap Your Lightbulbs!

Toss out those old incandescent bulbs for some great LED bulbs! LED bulbs not only last thousands of hour longer, but they use about one-tenth the energy! If you have continuous running lights (nightlights, decorations, etc) consider getting LED versions.

7. A Better Bathtime

Yes, shorter showers do use less hot water. But if you love a good shower and still need to save energy, install a low-flow shower head. These use only 2.5 gallons per minute but you still come out squeaky clean. 

8. Use Your Biggest Fan

Use ceiling fans in winter to help circulate the warm air in your home more evenly without raising the temperature. In the summer, a little breeze is all you need to make your nights more comfortable.

9. Bulk Up Your Insulation

With only 3 to 4 inches, most Ohio homes lose a lot of heat through under-insulated attics. The ideal amount is 10 to 14 inches. By increasing the insulation in your home, you’ll not not only enjoy saving money on your utility bills  but you’ll notice improved comfort immediately!

10. Switch and Save with Ohio Energy Ratings!

Switch to a low electricity rate for the new year and save! Check out rates for your area and find the perfect plan for you! With hundreds of different options, we can show you some of the best ways to save energy all year round. Plus, we cover energy news, new rates, and helpful tips and tricks. You can check out more at and shop for yourself!

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