Ohio’s Best Super Bowl Party Food Tips

Learn how you can save more on your Super Bowl party this Sunday. Serve great party snacks that help you save on energy!

Rock Your Super Bowl Sunday

Rock your Super Bowl Sunday with a great party that helps you save energy for your home! Check out these five moeny saving tips.
Throw a great Super Bowl Party and still save on your Ohio energy bills. Check out these five food tips that help you save!

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up fast! If you’re still searching for the perfect recipes to save your party, why not save on your Ohio energy bills while you’re at it! We have five great food tips to help you save money, energy, and make your Super Bowl Party one to remember.

Super Bowl Sunday Potluck

Firstly, a really easy way to keep your power bills down is to let other people take a share of the load. Potlucks shift the power and grocery bills off of just one person. So, share the load and benefit from a bunch of recipes from all of your friends!

Cut Carbon with Ohio Grown Produce

Are you interested in not only saving electricity, but reducing your carbon footprint? Consider shopping local in-season produce to reduce carbon emissions and score a super tasty snack. We recommend bacon-wrapped asparagus as an easy, energy saving snack. Combine that with our next tip to really save on your electricity bill.

Small Appliances Score Big For Energy Savings

Don’t fire up the oven. Instead, use small appliances to save you money and time. Consider air fryers, toaster ovens, and crock pots for small-batch snacks. Put that bacon-wrapped asparagus in the air fryer to have fast snacks without having to fire up your oven. Then sit down and enjoy the game!

Batch Cook Your Party Food For Savings

If you do need to fire up your oven, plan your recipes for the most efficient use of your energy. Start your morning by cooking your highest temperature recipes in one or two bakes, and then cool your oven progressively throughout the day as you cook. This reduces the power need to continuously heat your oven higher and lower over the day, and additionally reduces the amount of electricity used for each dish. As a bonus tip, glass and darker-colored metal pans tend to be the most efficient for reducing cook times. Watch your recipes closely!

Turn Down The Heat During Your Party

With a bunch of bodies and food cooking in your house, it’s going to get pretty toasty. With all the energy surrounding this year’s game, it’s a great chance to save on energy for your home. Take advantage of all that body heat and turn down your thermostat. You’ll keep your guests more comfortable and save on heating bills.

Save Big This Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday’s big game offers you big ways to save on food and electricity while you party. And if you’re still looking for one huge way to save on your electricity, it’s a super time to shop for the best electric supplier for your home. You can find great rates for areas all over Ohio. When you’re ready to shop around, check out www.ohenergyratings.com 

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