Slash Ohio Energy Vampires This Halloween

Stop the Energy Vampire feeding frenzy at your home and reduce your Ohio electric bills.

Stop Energy Sucking Devices

Energy Vampires lurk everywhere, silently feeding on your electricity, increasing your bills. Learn how to stop the energy feeding frenzy in your house!
Beware the shiny fangs that pierce and drain in the dead of night!
Energy Vampires can lurk anywhere in your home, silently sucking power and driving up your monthly electric bills. They can even be any size or shape! Stop their feeding frenzy and banish them from your home!

Do you feel like something is draining your money away? The NRDC found that about 23% of your home’s electricity use comes from energy vampires. That’s nearly 1/4 of your Ohio electric bill! So it’s no surprise there are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely and leave these things plugged in to feed. So let us help you stop losing sleep from worry. We’ve got five ways to slash Ohio energy vampires this Halloween!

Starve Your Devices

The simplest way to defeat energy vampires in your home is to just prevent them from feeding. Unplug them. Much like vampires, not feeding a device will stop it from draining power.

Stake Energy Vampires Through The Heart

Still running incandescents? Haven’t quite made the switch to a smart thermostat? Little switches to more eco-friendly devices make a huge difference. Stake those old, energy sucking bulbs and swap them for something that won’t make as much of a dent. LED bulbs use up to 75% less electricity than your standard incandescent.

Behead Your Power Consumption

An energy monitor can cut off energy vampires at their source. Try one of these if you have a suspiciously powerful vampire that you can’t unplug. For example a big, coffin-like entertainment center filled with game consoles, devices, and a tell-tale layer of nachos and earth can drain away a lot of electricity. Keep tabs on it, and take back control. Consider adding a smart surge protector that allows you to turn off individual outlets. Then, use the energy monitor to keep track of the usage.

Burn And Salt The Graves Of Your Dust Bunnies

Some larger devices may draw more power than usual. Sure, you can’t unplug your central air system easily. But when was the last time you cleaned it? Replacing air filters, cleaning vents, and clearing away build up is a great way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC and other appliances. Use a dryer duct brush to clear out your clothes dry vent. After all, if your dryer doesn’t have to work harder, it won’t take longer and eat as much electricity to dry your clothes. So, as cute as Bunnicula the dust bunny is, it’s time to banish him.

Push Energy Vampires Into The Sunlight

As the days get shorter, it’s important to soak up all the sun you can while it lasts. Open curtains and drapes during the day and let the sun’s rays burn energy vampires away. At night, make sure you turn off lights in rooms you aren’t using to prevent them from hungrily feeding on your wallet.

Don’t Let Energy Vampires Take a Bite Out Of Your Bills

While energy vampires might appear to be sparkly innocuous residents of your home, they’re all electricity ravenous monsters in the end. Still trying to save some money? Check out our other tips and tricks to keep your electricity bill low. Plus, remember to shop around for new electricity plans at