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When Customers Rate, Everyone Wins!

One of the great things about the deregulated electricity and gas markets in Ohio is that customers have energy choice. They can choose their retail electric and gas providers, and if they have a bad experience, they can leave that provider and choose someone else. If they have a great experience with their energy company, they can share their experiences with friends and family members.

We think the ability for customers to share their experiences with others is one of the most important things we do at OH Energy Ratings. The deregulated markets in Ohio can be confusing, and by taking the time to share your experiences, both positive and negative, with the different electricity providers in the market, you're helping other shoppers make informed decisions about which energy providers best fit their needs. By simply taking the time to rate your experiences, you are taking an active hand in the markets and making a difference.

Click on a company below to write a review:

CompanyRankingRating (0-5)
Frontier Utilities15
CenterPoint Energy Services34.88
Quake Energy44.54
Champion Energy Services54.25
XOOM Energy64.17
Direct Energy74.05
Spark Energy83.8
Public Power93.74
DTE Gas Supply103.5
Cincinnati Bell Energy113.4
Dynegy Energy Services123.4
Great American Power133.4
Rushmore Energy143.4
Censtar Energy153.3
CleanChoice Energy163.3
Planet Energy173.3
North American Power183.21
Future Now Energy193.2
SFE Energy203.2
Switch Energy213.2
AEP Energy223.1
FirstEnergy Solutions233.1
Palmco Energy243.1
IGS Energy253.1
NRG Home263.1
IDT Energy273.1
Inspire Energy283.1
Snyder Brothers Energy Marketing303.1
Titan Gas & Power313.1
Abest Power & Gas323
Aequitas Energy333
4 Choice Energy343
Clearview Energy353
conEdison Solutions363
Discount Power Inc.373
Think Energy383
Hiko Energy393
Perigee Energy403
Starion Energy413
Sunwave Gas & Power423
Town Square Energy433
Viridian Energy443
Energy Rewards453
Lykins Energy Solutions463
Residents Energy473
Capital Energy482.9
Energy Co-op492.9
MC Squared Energy Services502.9
Ohio Gas & Electric512.9
Renaissance Power & Gas522.9
Sperian Energy532.9
Ohio Natural Gas542.9
My Choice Energy552.8
Nordic Energy Services562.8
National Gas & Electric572.8
Cirro Energy582.78
Kratos Gas and Power592.7
Just Energy602.6
Aspirity Energy612.6
Dominion Energy Solutions622.6
Plymouth Rock Energy632.6
Star Energy Partners642.6
Ambit Energy652.57
Agera Energy662.57
Vista Energy672.56
Agway Energy Services682.5
Bargain Energy692.5
Provision Power & Gas702.5
Shipley Energy712.5
Volunteer Energy722.5
Santanna Energy Services732.28
Liberty Power742.21
Mega Energy762.03
Verde Energy771.94
Entrust Energy781.84
Smart Prepaid Electric801.78
Green Mountain Energy811.5
Tomorrow Energy821.46
Energy Plus830.99
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