Understanding Your Dayton Power and Light Bill

If you're an Dayton Power and Light customer, it's essential that you understand the bill and what it's saying from month to month. When you're fully informed, you can spot mistakes and understand exactly what you are being charged for. Read on to find out more about understanding your Dayton Power and Light bill.

What is the average electricity rate for Dayton Power & Light customers?

The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) states the typical rate for electricity in the Dayton Power & Light region is presently 14.78 cents per kWh. Based on this price, you could see savings as large as 33% based upon a normal home using 1,000 kWh/month.

Also: The EIA averages include all the taxes, transmission and supply fees, and is an 'all in cost'. We provide the same 'all in cost' so you get the real apples to apples price comparison when you're shopping for Ohio energy prices.

How do I lower my Dayton Power & Light bill?

It's really easy to get a better rate on your Dayton Power & Light bill.

  1. Find your most recent bill, because you'll need two specific pieces of information from the bill - your 'Account Number' and your 'Service Address'. You can find these on the sample bill below.
  2. Check out electricity plans available to Dayton Power & Light customers
  3. Pick a supplier based on our ratings and customer reviews.
  4. Click the orange 'Sign Up Now' button to place your order in our secure cart!

    Dayton Power and Light Sample Bill

    Dayton Power and Light Sample Bill

  1. Payment due date and amount due can be found in the top right corner and on your payment stub.
  2. Your mailing address.
  3. Your monthly account summary shows your previous balance, current delivery and supply charges, late fees, if applicable, and current account balance.
  4. Service address indicates the location where electricity was used.
  5. Next reading date is the day we will read your meter and calculate next month's bill.
  6. Historical usage section offers an energy use comparison of the current period to the last twelve months of usage.
  7. Average daily kWh and temperature compares current average usage and temperatures to last year's and last month's data.
  8. Usage detail section details if your bill is estimated or an actual read, billing period dates and meter readings.
  9. Rate area shows your billing rate and rate code description.
  10. DP&L contact information is presented so you can reach us by phone or online.
  11. If paying by mail, return this payment stub with your check to ensure your payment is accurately processed.
  12. New message center offers seasonal messages and supplier information (if applicable).
  13. The price-to-compare message provides the price for an electric supplier to beat in order for you to save money. You can use this amount to compare prices offered by suppliers. 
  14. DP&L delivery charges are the utility charges that are assessed to all customers associated with equipment used to bring power to your home or business, billing and customer services and Ohio energy efficiency related programs.
  15. Supply charges are the charges associated with the generation of electricity including market-based transmission and ancillary services. 
  16. Your generation supplier is clearly identified including a logo (if provided).
  17. Each bill includes charges for existing programs to support energy conservation and renewable energy sources.