AEP Improvements May Raise Electric Bills

AEP Ohio requested PUCO grant them a rate hike to pay for grid improvments, especially tree trimming. Find out how much it could cost you.

How Much Will AEP’s Plan Cost You?

AEP Ohio wants to improve its poles, wires, and transformers. It also wants to trim trees.Find out how the utility will pay for it and what it will cost you.
Last summer’s storms damage to AEP Ohio’s infrastructure may cost Ohio electricity consumers more. Find out how much the proposed rate increase could cost you.

AEP Ohio is finding themselves out on a bit of a limb with tree problems. Ongoing problems with downed limbs and service interruptions is forcing their hand. Their new plan includes upgrades, and more routine tree maintenance, but who exactly is paying for this? Let’s see how the new AEP Improvements may raise electric bills.

AEP Submits Their New ESP

It’s important to note that this Electric Security Plan (ESP) has only been filed. These fees are not going to happen yet until PUCO approves them. The ESP includes improvements for transformers, breakers, power regulators, and some particularly chaotic circuits. It also includes quite an emphasis on routine tree trimming to prevent downed lines during storms. On the customer-side, it also includes a $5 discount for those over the age of 65, and various efficiency programs.

What’s The Price Tag?

AEP’s estimated budget for this plan is to the tune of $2.2 billion, and that money is, unfortunately, coming out of consumer pockets. They estimate about a 2% increase on the distribution fees for AEP customers. This amounts to about $4 per month, or $48 per year. Now this doesn’t sound like a lot, but it could put a strain on households with a strict budget as food prices rise.

Why The Upgrades For AEP?

AEP Ohio credits trees and vegetation for over 50% of the service interruptions people experience. This was been particularly notable in the storms and outages in Ohio last year. However, with a growing population and growing demand, AEP’s older infrastructure struggles to keep up, and needs maintenance and updating.

Hang On For More News

This plan hasn’t been approved yet, so AEP Ohio customers won’t have any major increases immediately. Now would be a great time to shop around for a new Ohio electricity plan in your area to prepare for any new fees that could pop up. You can check out all sorts of plans for your home at 

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  1. Pertaining to AES: yes! My husband and I are a week into a battle with AES. A technician showed-up at our front door, stating he needed to replace a part on our meter box. He then left, leaving a note on the door, not speaking to us directly, that we are in violation because he cannot do the work. Our deck, which was built by the previous owner, closed in the meter and the said technician was not able to get to the box. We were told to cut a 3 ft hole around the meter, so they can come back to do the work. If this is not done, we are not compliant and our electric will be turned off! We are so angry and upset. You get no where when you call customer service, you are just to do what they say. Being good customers and paying our bills do not even matter! My husband cut the whole and we are expecting a tech to come March 7th to replace the part. Living here over 25 yrs and never having an issue, why now? Felicia and Joe Gloyd

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