Why Set Thermostat Schedule?

Setting a thermostat schedule cuts your energy usage and lowers your Ohio energy bills. Find out how it works and save.

Save Money With Just A Few Steps

Setting a thermostat to turn raise or lower the temperature when you're not home can cut your energy use and lower your Ohio utility bills.
Don’t let your thermostat scare you! Find out why setting it to raise and lower the temperature can help you save money on your Ohio utility bills.

So you got that fancy new thermostat for the holidays, and you got it working. However, you might not be comfortable messing with it yet. Why should you set a thermostat schedule? Did you know that not programming your thermostat is costing you money on your electricity bill? Let’s find out why.

No One Is Programming Their Thermostats

Did you know that of all the homes with central air in the US, only about 12% of those households actually program their thermostat? That costs a lot of money over time. If no one is home to enjoy the air conditioning or heat, why would you just leave those things running? If you’re trying to reduce your usage to save on your Ohio electricity bill, change the temperature when you’re not at home. Even better, let your thermostat do it for you. One less thing to worry about when you leave the house!

How To Use Your Thermostat To Save

A really easy way to save money with your thermostat is simply raising or lowering the temperature when you aren’t in the house. Remember that according to Newton’s Law of Cooling, your house doesn’t lose all of its heat at once. Heat loss slows down as the house’s temperature gets closer to the outside temperature.

Of course, make sure you don’t let your house get any colder than 55ºF to avoid frozen pipes during the winter. And, you want to set a comfortable temperature for any household pets or to keep medications safe. That’s usually about 64ºF minimum. By doing this, your heating system won’t have to run longer to maintain the temperature of a home no one is in. Simply set your schedule on your thermostat for when you will not be in the house and then rake in the savings.

But What About Smart Thermostats?

What if you have a smart thermostat? What’s the benefit of those? Well, smart thermostats learn from your behaviors and environment. For instance, let’s say you have a weekly scheduled get-together, and the temperature always rises. A smart thermostat will learn that pattern and adjust to that schedule without you having to manually program it. They also allow you to monitor and change the temperature while you’re away from home. Say you’re going to be gone longer than you anticipated. Well, you can just change the temperature from your phone. This way you get the maximum savings on your electricity bill.

Don’t Let Your Thermostat Scare You

Tech can be intimidating, but that’s no reason to let something like a programmable thermostat keep you from saving money. There are a ton of other tips and tricks you can use to make sure you save the most you can. And if you’re searching for even more ways to save, make sure to check out www.ohenergyratings.com for the best rates.

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