Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Ohio Thanksgiving Dinner

Save money with our five energy efficiency tips to cut your Thanksgiving electricity usage!
Enjoy your family feast without spending a bundle to cook it! Cut the cost of your Ohio electricity usage this Thanksgiving with these five energy efficiency tips!

How to Lower my Thanksgiving Electricity Bill

Thanksgiving is almost here, a time for family to get together, and being thankful for what we have. If you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family at your home, your Ohio electricity bill might skyrocket. So how do you save electricity during Thanksgiving, and not seem stingy at the same time?

Right Size for Energy Efficiently

One easy to be more energy efficient is to get a turkey that’s the appropriate size for the number of your dinner guests. If your group is small, a small turkey is the best choice. If your group is really big, a large turkey is perfect; but make sure the turkey will fit in your oven. The other important thing to do if you want to be energy efficient, is letting leftovers cool. Letting leftovers cool makes them easier for the fridge to cool. If you put them in your fridge hot, it takes longer for the fridge to cool them down, and that wastes energy. Depending how energy efficient your fridge is, this could be a great way to save on your electricity bill.

After the Feast Energy Efficiency

A way to save both electricity and water is to use an energy efficient dishwasher. While you might need to wash some dishes by hand, a dishwasher is more efficient with water. An energy efficient dishwasher is more efficient with electricity than a normal dishwasher and still efficient with water. Combine an energy efficient dishwasher and a green electricity plan and you’ll be doing a lot to help the environment.

 What Is the Best Way to Save Electricity

Keeping your house warm takes a lot of energy, especially during the winter months.  But during holiday gatherings, one of the best way to save energy is to turn down your thermostat. There are two good reasons for this.

First, with all the cooking going on in your kitchen, you’re like to use a lot of energy. If you’re using an electric oven and stove, you could use more than 14 kWh just to cook your feast. That also means there’s going to be a lot of waste heat. By turning down your thermostat and turning on your HVAC fan, you’ll be able to circulate that warmth throughout your home, saving you money on heating.

Second, if you’re having a lot of guests over for dinner, then it’s good idea to lower your thermostat by 5°F. The average human metabolic rate puts out a lot of energy; the equivalent of about 120 watts and around 80% of that is waste heat. A dining room with ten people can easily become stuffy and uncomfortable in just a few minutes. So in order to keep your guests comfortable, its a good idea to turn down your thermostat as well.

You’ll be using less energy overall and won’t face high electricity rates on your next monthly bill.

Seal Up for Energy Efficiency

There’s nothing worse than feeling an icy draft after you’ve eaten a big meal. Air sealing to keep out the cold winter air not only makes your home more comfortable but also can reduce your energy usage. Use weather strips around doors or windows to keep cold air from leaking in. Caulk seams along window and door frames. Or if you have a fireplace and don’t have a fire going, seal the chimney flue so heat doesn’t escape. Landscaping around your house can help too. A wind break of evergreen trees to the north and west of your home can reduce wind speed and slow down the rate that your home cools. All this reduces the total heat loss of your home and keeps your home warmer longer. This is a great way to save money and raise your house’s energy efficiency.

What Is the Simplest Way to Save Money

The simplest and easiest way to save money this Thanksgiving is to manage your lighting usage. Keep lights off in rooms people are not likely to go to can shave money off your November electricity bill. If Thanksgiving is happening in the living room, keep the lights off in places other than the living room and kitchen. Keep basement lights off if guests aren’t going into your basement. If people or children head into those parts of the house, turn off the lights when they leave they return to dinner. This sounds simple and inconsequential, but resident and commercial electricity usage for lighting was 8% of the total electricity consumed last year. However if you want them on, put in some energy efficient light bulbs like LED’s.

Best Thanksgiving Electricity Savings

Yet, even with all these useful tips, the best way to save money on your Ohio electricity bill is to shop for the cheapest electricity provider in your area. Read reviews, compare plans apples-to-apples, and sign with the provider who best delivers the service that right for your family’s needs.

Thanksgiving is here, and since you’re armed with the knowledge to avoid being gobbled up by high electricity bills, it’s time to eat and spend time with family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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