Five Cheapest Electricity Providers in Dayton

Shop the cheapest electricity providers now! Their rates not only beat AES Ohio's PTC rate but you can lock in that low price for a yeare or more!

Big Electricity Savings For Your Ohio Home

The cheapest electricity providers are offering rates that beat AES Ohio's PTC! Find out how much you can save when you shop these great plans!
The cheapest electricity providers are offering plans with fixed rates that beat AES Ohio’s PTC rate. Shop now to lock in a better deal and save!

Electricity rates in the AES Ohio area have dropped well below the price to compare. AES Ohio is still holding strong at 10.80 cents per kWh, despite other providers averaging rates that are almost half that. Yes, half. AES still hasn’t come down from its early summer price hikes. That means that now is great time to shop for a new plans. So, let’s go over the five cheapest electricity providers in Dayton.

Big Savings With Safe Harbor

You’ll notice that a lot of the cheapest plans come from the Energy Harbor. Their Safe Harbor plans do tend to be the cheapest on the market. Depending on the term length, their rates range roughly anywhere from 6.79-7.49 cents per kWh. There are no early termination fees for any of these plans. And that makes them a nice option if you find yourself needing to switch in the future.

9 Months of Inexpensive Electricity

Constellation is a great provider who we have spoken about before. Their 9 Month Home Power Plan is among the cheapest plans on the market right now. At just 6.99 cents per kWh, this plan only has a $25 cancellation fee if you find yourself needing to switch. For anyone looking to round out a lease, or for other shorter term needs, this is a great option.

Cheapest Providers,12 Month Electricity

APG&E isn’t the cheapest provider out there, but they are definitely cheaper than the price to compare.  Their lowest plan, the TrueSimple 12, is just 7.20 cents per kWh. There is a $150 early termination fee. And, there’s a $1.99 monthly recurring charge. Thankfully, compared to other monthly recurring charges, that is very low, but it is still important to remember. Lastly, APG&E offers rewards for customers that refer a friend to sign with them.

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Cheapest Electricity Providers For Your Home

We haven’t gotten to talk about Rushmore Energy before, but they’re a very good option if you’re looking for a deal. Their Price Protect 12 plan is just 7.80 cents per kWh. This is higher than some other options but is still 3 cents lower than the AES Ohio price to compare. They do have a cancellation fee, but rather than imposing a flat fee, it’s $5 per the number of months you have left in your contract. 

Our last collection of cheap plans comes from Direct Energy. Their Live Brighter collection comes in a variety of term lengths. They range in price from around 7.39 cents per kWh, to 7.59 cents per kWh. There are no cancellation fees associated with these plans, making them a great way to save money even if you aren’t sure how long you’ll want to keep the plan.

Save Money With the Cheapest Electricity Providers Today

This is a great time to try out a new provider if your AES Ohio bills are sky high. There are tons of great options across Ohio, with low electricity rates. These rates might not last much longer. So, take some time and shop the cheapest providers at