These Columbus Electric Rates Beat PTC!

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Believe it! AEP Ohio's Price to Compare rate is higher than a electricity plan offered by these five Ohio retail suppliers.
Believe it! AEP Ohio’s Price to Compare rate is higher than any electricity plan offered by these five Ohio retail suppliers. AEP’s rates also change to who-knows what every two months. These supplier plans stay low and fixed year ’round! Shop now and save!

Compare AEP Electricity Prices

Electricity prices can be daunting with many different rates for the same length plan. But how do you know if a deal you have is the best in your area? Currently AEP Ohio’s Price to Compare rate for this month is 5.27 cents per kWh. That’s pretty good but at the moment, five 12 month electricity plans beat this rate! So let’s compare these Columbus electricity plans and see what each one offers.

Cheapest Electricity Rates Available

Santanna Energy’s Premier Pick 12 Month plan is the cheapest 12 month plan available in Columbus, OH. With a rate of 4.98 cents per kWh, its price means you could save more money overall. However, while it has a low price it also has a $100 cancellation fee. This means that if you still want to shop for a cheaper electricity plan, expect to pay to leave the contract early. On the other hand, a good reason to stay is that Santanna does offer a rewards program for customers. You could get promotional discounts for items, shopping, or dinning through the rewards program.

Compare Electricity Plans

Energy Harbor’s Safe Harbor 12 has a rate of 4.99 cents per kWh making it the second cheapest plan. However, unlike other electricity suppliers, Energy Harbor does not offer its customers a rewards program or much on-line convenience beyond bill paying. That said, the Safe Harbor 12 has no cancellation fee so you’re free to leave if you see a better priced Columbus electricity plan.

Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 12 plan has a rate of 5.09 cents per kWh, making its price competitive considering what it comes with. Like the Safe Harbor 12, it has no cancellation fee leaving you free to change if you see a better deal. However, Direct Energy also offers more convenience to customers. By going to Direct Energy’s site, you can see your usage and a prediction of your usage by the end of the month. With this you can track your usage and save money on your AEP electricity bill.

Shop For Best Electricity Rates

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 has a rate of 5.19 cents per kWh means its tied for highest price that beats AEP’s Price toCompare. With it’s cancellation fee of $110, it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as the previously mentioned plans. However, it does offer a rewards program, where you can earn promotional items and discounts.

Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed plan also has a rate of 5.19 cents per kWh, but has a big difference over previously mentioned plans. Even it’s $75 cancellation fee could be excused by this difference. Tomorrow Energy’s plan is a green electricity plan, and is the only green energy plan cheaper than AEP’s Price to Compare.

What is the Best Electricity Plan?

While each of these plans are cheaper than AEP Ohio’s price to compare, they all cater to different customers. While Santanna has the lowest price overall, it doesn’t offer much flexibility to change plans. However it does offer promotional discounts through its rewards program. Energy Harbor follows up as the second cheapest, while providing more switching-flexibility, but offers little else. Direct Energy isn’t as cheap as the previous plans, but offers the same flexibility as Energy Harbor along with added customer convenience that could save them money. Xoom Energy offers a rewards program too, but has a higher rate and large cancellation fee. Finally, while Tomorrow Energy has a high rate and cancellation fee, it is a green plan that can please eco-conscious customers.

Because of the differences between each plan, customers are sure to find the plan they want at a low rate. For more information on electricity plans and savings, check out

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