Learn About All XOOM Energy Plans and Products

Here is a complete list of all the plans and products offered by XOOM Energy on our website. You'll find rates listed for the different geographical regions, and also at different monthly usages. For a more head-to-head view, use our XOOM Energy Rate Comparison page.

What People Are Asking About Plans or Products from XOOM Energy

What type of energy plans does XOOM Energy offer?

What is the average XOOM Energy cancellation fee?

XOOM Energy has an average cancellation fee of $68.93.

The lowest cancellation fee is $0.00 while the highest cancellation fee is $110.00

What is the average XOOM Energy Monthly Recurring Charge?

XOOM Energy has no plan with a monthly recurring charge. An alternative provider in your area with MRC plans starting at $0.00 who may interest you are Reliant, Chariot Energy, and Energy Texas.