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NRG Manager here to clarify

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  Rates are adjusted QUARTERLY to undercut the distributor and that is why our plans are 3 months long. March, June, September, and December are the months to call and check in. A good rep will explain that to you multiple times before the end of the signup, but if they did not it is also in writing on the email confirmation, cancellation form, and welcome letter you will receive. What some folks fail to understand is that we cannot possibly remember every face nor force people to pick up the phone or stop in for the 3 minutes it takes to renew your account and always make sure youre saving a few bucks. YOU MUST EITHER CALL TO RENEW OR TO CANCEL TO AVOID THE VARIABLE RATES. I try my absolute best to inform people to the best of my abilities but I can't speak on anyone else's behalf. I wish things were a little clearer and that folks were trained better, but unfortunately that is over my head and I did feel compelled to write this to clarify that it is the customer's responsibility to maintain their account. We have hundreds of thousands of customers, reminder emails get lost and we cannot possibly remember every face, so please put your dates on your calendars.

We are a good company that does a ton of charity work, employ thousands of Americans, and are working on better technology to generate cleaner energy for our future generations.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous NRG manager
September 13th, 2019

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