Cheapest Green Electricity in Columbus, OH

Reduce your carbon footprint in Columbus, OH! Switch to a great green electricity plan! Learn more about your choices for the best rate!
Reduce your carbon footprint in Columbus, OH! Switch to a great green electricity plan! Learn more about your choices for the best rate!

What Is A Green Energy Plan?

If you want to protect the environment, you will want to be as green as possible. Green electricity plans electricity supply from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, and solar. Although renewable energy suppliers contributing 23% of total U.S. energy generation, most energy plans come from non-renewable sources. There are, however, many great green electricity plans available for consumers in Columbus, OH. If you want to do your part to protect the environment, check out these three great green electricity plans.

Cheapest Green Electricity Plan in Columbus, OH

The cheapest green electricity plan in Columbus, OH, is Xoom Energy’s Simple Clean 12 . It comes with a great low rate of 6.85 cents per kWh, but a hefty cancellation fee of $100. Like most Ohio renewable energy plans, this plan doesn’t provide 100% green energy directly. Instead, it uses Renewable Energy Certificates that are purchased from other companies. Unfortunately, not every single electron coming into your home is from a renewable source. But, by buying RECs, Ohio electricity suppliers  support green energy producers.

Find Best Green Electricity Plans

The next two green energy plans are both from Tomorrow Energy.

The first of these, and the cheapest of the two, is Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed, with a rate of 7.09 cents per kWh, and a $75 cancellation fee. Meanwhile, Tomorrow Energy’s 16 Month Fixed has a higher rate of 7.99 cents per kWh, but lasts for 16 months. It also has a 75$ cancellation fee. Both plans also use REC’s, however these REC’s all come from wind power.

How Do I Choose the Best Green Electricity Plan?

All three of these plans do cost more, but they help you protect the environment. Rather than getting power for you home from natural gas, coal, or nuclear power, you may get it from clean, renewable solar, hydro, and wind. You can start reducing your carbon foot print by choosing a 12 month long plan.

Xoom Energy’s Simple Clean 12 is the cheapest, but if you want to protect the environment, it’s not the best choice. However if you want to compare electricity rates, Tomorrow Energy’s 12 Month Fixed is just a bit more expensive and is 100% renewable energy. While Tomorrow Energy’s 16 Month Fixed is the longest and also features 100% renewable energy, however it costs the most.

Future Green Electricity Suppliers in Ohio?

Currently, these are the only three green electricity plan in Ohio. However, a bill to extend the Solar Investment Tax Credit was recently introduced in Congress. If it is adopted, more renewable electricity companies might be able to offer more renewable energy plans and prices for these might drop.

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