Duke Energy Customers Should Lock in Cheap Rates Now!

Save more when you shop long term electricity plans prices lower than Duke Energy's PTC.

Shop Cheap Rates To Beat The PTC This Year

Lock in cheap rates for your Ohio electricity now. Learn how you can save more with a long term plan. Shop now!
Don’t wait any longer, Duke Energy customers! Next winter is expected to be colder. Lock in cheap rates with a long term plan for your Ohio electricity now.

Did your January Duke Energy bill give you a serious case of sticker shock? You aren’t alone. Rates went up, and that nasty January cold snap didn’t help. And while this winter’s El Niño kept Ohio weather warmer than usual, a colder La Ninã pattern is now expected for next winter. But you don’t have to settle for paying more for your electricity. If you compare electricity plans Apples to Apples, you can find a lower rate that won’t change. So if you’re a Duke Energy customer, shop these long term plans to lock in some cheap rates right now.

Save With Cheap Rates This Year

Looking for the best rates to take you into next year and beyond? The Duke Energy Price To Compare is still all the way up at 9.71 cents per kWh. Meanwhile, most retail suppliers are hovering around 6 to 8 cents per kWh. While a penny may not seem like a lot, your electricity usage adds up to a lot of money. Additionally, the Duke Energy PTC changes every month. So we’re going to cover the best deals you can get. However, there are a lot of other rates that are little more expensive, but still beat the PTC.

The Cheapest Long Term Electricity Rates

If you’re really looking to save on your electricity, the Constellation 18-Month Home Power Plan is your best bet. At just 5.99 cents per kWh and a $25 early termination fee, you’ll be saving a bundle. And with how electricity prices have been going, this is a great way to make sure you won’t get any surprise bills come this coming winter. If you’re looking for an even longer-term option, check out their 36-Month Home Power Plan. This one is a little more expensive at 6.19 cents per kWh, but still has that same $25 early termination fee, and three years worth of savings.

Shop cheap rates for long term electricity now! Stop paying high Duke Energy prices.
Shop low priced cheap rate plans now! Learn how easy it is to switch and save!

Unusual Term Cheap Rates

A shorter 15 month term isn’t the most common term period we see. But it can be very convenient! Public Power offers the Electric 15 Month Standard Fixed Rate. This is just 6.79 cents per kWh with no early termination fee. Looking for a somewhat longer term option? Check out the Safe Harbor 20 from Energy Harbor. This rate is just 6.89 cents per kWh, and has no early termination fee. These plans are great for someone midway through a lease, who’s looking for a way to keep their bills low. 

A Cheap 2 Year Rate

Finally, we have a nice standard 2 year rate. The TrueSimple 24 from APG&E is exactly what it says on the tin. At 7.22 cents per kWh and a $1.99 monthly recurring charge, you’re still saving over the PTC. There is a $200 early termination fee, so be sure this is the right plan for you before you sign up.

Savings Are Easy With Low Rates

You can lock in a low rate fast right now before the PTC changes again. Don’t get caught with surprise Duke Energy bills again. There are a ton more plans to choose from, so shop all of the best ones in your area. You can find more savings at www.ohenergyratings.com 

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