How Movers Shop And Save On Electric Rates in Ohio

Moving to a new home can be expensive. Learn how you can reduce the stress and cost when you shop to save on your electric rates!
Checkout these 3 great strategies to help you put together the perfect energy plan for your new home and still save on electric rates.

Lower Your Moving Stress, Save on Electric Rates

Figuring out the perfect plan for your new home can be difficult. If you’re a first timer in the Ohio Electricity Choice market, or are just strapped for time, you may find yourself paying the local utility’s higher default rate for your electricity. Additionally, how can you stay ahead of the forecasted retail price increases for this year? But don’t worry! We’ve got 3 great strategies that can help you keep your first couple months easy to work with. See how other movers save on their electric rates in Ohio!

The Temporary Variable Rate

Let’s start with a short term. A month to month variable rate can give you a little more time to shop. Sure, you could stick with your utility for the time being, but why not look at a good introductory rate plan? Provision’s month to month plan starts off at a super low rate in most areas. It’s currently priced around 4.99 cents per kWh depending on your location. Using this cheap electricity your first month can give you plenty of time to find your perfect plan.

The Short Term Fixed

Need a little more time than a month? You want a fixed rate, then.  You may think your only option is a full year. It’s not.  Instead, a 3 month plan can give you more flexibility without the long commitment. We recommend seeing if NRG Home’s Electric Choice 3 Month Plan is available in your area. On the positive side, these plans have no cancellation fee, meaning if you find your perfect plan, it won’t cost you extra to cancel the low rate with NRG Home. On the negative however, be sure you watch for the renewal notices because this plan automatically converts to a potentially expensive variable rate.

Find A Year Long Deal Fast

Picking a 12 month plan early is a great way to save electricity in the long term, especially right now while rates are still low.We recommend taking a look at Tomorrow Energy’s plans for your area. Tomorrow Energy’s plans are some of the lowest consistent prices for electricity around Ohio. A great fixed rate means that if electricity prices go up, your bill won’t. In the event that you find a rate that better fits your needs, you can always cancel. Tomorrow Energy keeps a low early termination rate of $75, making it easy to switch to another company if their plan is better. Also, be ready for your contract end date because if you ignore the renewal notices, Tomorrow Energy will switch you to a variable rate.

Shop and Compare Ohio Electricity Rates

When you save on your electric rates, you keep your moving stress at bay! There are so many plans available and one of them should be perfect for your move. We have tons of great rates for your area.  If you’ve found your rate, be sure to check out the many great tips and tricks for keeping your electricity bills hassle free. However, if you need to find a great deal fast, head on over to for more great prices.