Shop and Lock Cheap Long Term Ohio Electricity Rates

Electricity rates are low this spring! Shop these long term plans to lock in a low fixed rate and save!

Save While Electricity Rates Are Low

Shop and save when you lock in a low rate for long term electricity service in Mentor, OH.
That Illuminating Company PTC rate may rise but you could save more when you shop long term plans and lock in a low rate right now!

Remember how electricity rates went a little crazy last year? Well First Energy rates are still high through the end of May. And rates are likely to rise again. Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of low rates as the spring shoulder months are in full swing. With The Illuminating Company price to compare still up at 9.98 cents per kWh, you can shop the best electric supplier plans in Ohio and lock in a cheaper deal.

Shop A Cheap Rate; Lock it in Now

The average Ohio home uses around 879 kWh of electricity per month. From April 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024, the Illuminating Company PTC rate is 11.08 cents per kWh. That means the monthly supply charge would be around $97.39.

While Energy Harbor doesn’t have the cheapest rates available, they’re still a sight lower than the PTC. Their Safe Harbor 20 plan is an unusual but perfect term for renters who want to finish out leases. At just 6.99 cents per kWh, the monthly supply charge comes to about $61.44. That’s an average savings of around $26 every month. Additionally, there’s no monthly recurring fees, and no early termination fee. 

Two Years Of Cheaper Rates

Looking for a slightly longer option? Check out the Electric 24 Month Standard Fixed Rate from Public Power. This plan also has no early termination fee or monthly fee, so its’ a great idea if you’re not sure what the next two years will bring. At just 6.79 cents per kWh, this offers even more savings over the PTC. The monthly supply charge run about $59.68; about $37.74 less than the Illuminating Company PTC.

Cheapest Long Term Ohio Electricity Rate

Are you looking for a long term rate that will cover you for three years? Check out the 36 Home Power Plan from Constellation. Constellation is one of our best reviewed companies across Ohio! At just 5.99 cents per kWh, this plan will keep you happy and secure in your electricity bills for a long time because that monthly supply charge is only about $52.65; $44.74 less than the PTC monthly charge. And with the PTC changing at the end of May, who knows what rate you could be paying then. There is a small $25 early termination fee with this rate, and there is no additional monthly fee.

Shop and Lock Long Term Ohio Electricity Rates Now

The low spring rates won’t last long. Swapping your electricity supplier can take some time, so be sure to start shopping around now for the best deals. There are tons of plans out there, so be sure to look for the best one for your family. These three are just a little peek of what we’ve got! You can shop all of our plans across Ohio at 

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