The Best 12 Month Electric Plan in Perrysburg, OH

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Grab a cheap 12-month electric plan for your Ohio home to lock in your future savings now!
Toledo Edison’s low rate ends December 31. Grab a cheap 12-month electric plan for your Ohio home and lock in your future savings now!

Shop The Best 12 Month Fixed Electric Plans

Looking for a new electric plan in Perrysburg, Ohio? While Toledo Edison’s Price to Compare is at the low rate of 4.83 cents per kWh, that rate expires in just two months on December 31. With electricity generators expecting much higher natural gas fuel rates by January, 2021, it’s very likely that your Ohio electricity rates will increase. That’s why now is the perfect time to switch and save!

How Do I Compare Electric Rates in Ohio?

Comparing Ohio electric rates apples-to-apple is important. The average consumer in Ohio uses about 874 kWh per month.  If your usage is about average you can just multiply the usage amount by the supplier’s rate to find out roughly how much your monthly supply bill will be. Of course, we all know that price isn’t everything when it comes to choosing a supplier. You want to find a plan that fits your needs perfectly, from value, to budget, to rewards and bonuses.

If you’re looking to switch to the right electricity supplier while prices are still low, we have three of the best electricity plans that you can shop right now!

Shop the Best Ohio Electric Plan

Starting off strong, we have XOOM Energy’s SureLock 12 plan. This plan is currently running a little higher than the PTC at 5.49 cents per kWh. However, with the PTC likely to rise in the upcoming winter months switching to this plan now could cut your bills in the future. Though this plan does have a higher cancellation fee of $100, it offers a handy feature. When you enroll in XOOM Energy Rewards, you can use your reward dollars at popular restaurants and hotels as well as get daily gift cards, or deals, or even epic prizes. This is perfect for a household watching its budget. At the end of your plan, you’ll be swapped to a variable month-to-month plan. However, XOOM Energy will send you two written notices to remind you to renew or shop again!

The Best Eco-Friendly Electric Plan

For the eco-friendly minded consumer, consider the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan! At a steady fixed rate of 5.29 cents per kWh, this plan offers a slightly lower cancellation fee at $75. The major benefit of this plan is that Tomorrow Energy purchases 100% renewable wind energy, which means the average household can eliminate around 17,500 pounds of CO2 going into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of planting around 200 trees, just by powering your home! Like many other plans, this one will also swap you to a variable rate month-to-month plan at the end of your term. So plan ahead to shop again when the plan ends!

The Best Budget Electric Plan

Looking for savings outside of your electricity with a comparatively super low rate? Check out the Santanna Energy Services Premier Pick 12 Month plan. This plan does have a higher cancellation fee, also at $100, but the rate is just 4.89 cents per kWh; only 0.06 cents higher than the current PTC rate. If you’re one of the 20% of homes in Ohio using electricity for your heating, this plan definitely could help save you money this winter. The plan comes with the Santana Rewards Program, which earns you points towards gift cards to your favorite online stores. This includes travel, shopping, or even grocery coupons! This plan makes it perfect for anyone looking to save some more of their hard earned money.

Shop the Lowest Electric Rates per kWh

Each plan here has something for everyone shopping around. Whether you’re looking to be a little environmentally conscious, or trying to lower those monthly bills. While these cancellation fees are a little steep, you can still lock in those savings before the winter cold ups your bills.

If you’re still not sure of these plans, shop around! Make sure you check out more rates, customer reviews, and tips to help you save on your electricity bill at

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