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Nothing but headaches
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  Just bad from the start. Problem 1: I paid extra to select what day my power would be turned on to coordinate with previous provider. LifeEnergy never sent start of new service request to Oncor causing me to be without power all day. It took dozens of calls between LifeEnergy and Oncor for them to get their ducks in a row and my power turned on. Oncor could turn on remotely, just needed paperwork from LifeEnergy, which never came. Problem 2: First two bills were grossly incorrect. The first bill was for two days of service for $206 dollars. Call into customer service said it was wrong and they would get it fixed. Second bill was $468 dollars for 1741 kW. My plan is a flat rate of $114 dollars for anything less than 2000 kW. This time I received an email stating my bill was inaccurate, and they would resend. Problem 3: Customer service line is constantly busy. Not busy like you are on hold, but busy as in you cannot get through to be put on hold. It takes 3 or 4 calls just to be put on hold. Problem 4: I have been unable to setup an online account. I keep getting a mailbox is full, server error blah blah blah. If and when they can ever get my billing straightened out, I will gladly pay them for service provided, but plan to cancel soon.

Glen R
September 14th, 2017

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Updated: 05-21-2018
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