Five Every Day Ways to Slash Summer Dayton Electric Cooling Bills

Use these five easy ways to cut your summer cooling costs in Dayton, OH.
Save money, stay cool, and learn how comparing electricity plans apples to apples can reduce your Dayton energy bills further!

What are the easiest ways to cut my electric bill in Dayton, OH?

Whether you’re trying to save money or be a more green energy consumer in Ohio, you don’t have to make huge changes in your daily routine to have an impact. In fact, there are countless simple ways you can cut your electric bill this summer. Check out our list of five every day ways to reduce your cooling bill in Dayton this summer.

Simple strategies to lower my electric bill this summer.

  1. No Oven: In the winter, baking is great because it heats up the room and delivers hot, tasty food. In the summer, however, you want to avoid heating up the house to save money. Leave baking for the evening after temperatures have cooled, or opt for dinners and treats that don’t require any oven time. Did someone say ice cream?


  1. Cook Outside: You don’t have to go camping to enjoy open fire cooking or the grill. Make a fun night out of a simple meal by cooking hotdogs, seasonal veggies, and s’mores outside. Or challenge yourself to prepare a more upscale meal entirely on the grill. Keep the food and body heat outside a bit longer by eating al fresco.


  1. Hang Dry: Save money on your AEP Ohio bill and avoid heating up your house by hanging your laundry outside on a clothesline instead of tossing it in the dryer. It’s well worth doing the task by hand for the energy savings and the wonderful smell your clothing picks up drying in the sun.


  1. Cool with Ventilation: In the evening, take a bite out of your energy bill by using ventilation instead of AC. Once conditions are comfortable outside, open windows and turn on fans to bring in and circulate cool air. Keep it going through morning, but remember to close up the house long before peak temperatures hit.


  1. Block Hot Sunlight: Heat and light go hand in hand, so you can beat the heat by blocking light from your home. Close blinds and pull curtains around mid-morning to keep your house cooler. Your efforts will have an even greater effect if you use insulating blinds or curtains.

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